Sorry, Millennials — Minimalism Is Out, Maximalism Is In, And These People Went Viral For Doing It Right

    "'More is more' is my favorite quote, and I really do apply it to all my outfits."

    Minimalism...the rejection of excess. You've seen it everywhere from architecture to graphic design to decor — and when it comes to fashion, it often (but not always) means neutrals, simple silhouettes, and having a smaller, more sustainable wardrobe of staples you love and that never go out of style.

    Side-by-side of minimalist outfits

    But lately, the world of maximalism is trending once again, and many TikTokers like Sara Camposarcone and Thalia Castro-Vega are embracing the aesthetic — which embodies vibrant, over-the-top, "more-is-more" style. BuzzFeed spoke to both creators, who shared how they're having fun with fashion in a sustainable way.

    Sara (@saracampz on TikTok) is a designer, stylist, and content creator based in Ontario whose videos have earned her over 550K followers on the app and have nearly 10 million likes. Sara calls maximalism "the aesthetic of excess — whatever that may look like to you," she told BuzzFeed. "For me, it's bold prints, lots of color, pattern clashing, vintage treasures, nostalgia, and so much more. I love adding more and more to my outfits to add interest in a unique way."

    "I call myself a maximalist because no matter what sort of vibe I'm feeling for the day — whether it be goth, Y2K, Victorian era — I always make it me. That means lots of accessories, different textures, and accentuated silhouettes. 'More is more' is my favorite quote, and I really do apply it to all my outfits."

    Thalia (@polychrom3 on TikTok) is a personal stylist who's worked virtually with clients in the US and worldwide — and with nearly 140K followers on TikTok, their videos have garnered almost 3 million likes. "Maximalism according to me is this opportunity to let our inner child, or the child version of ourselves, shine. When we are children, we are not weighed down by other people's opinions. We are free to create and explore and try new things and to wear fun clothes. Only in adulthood are these creative restrictions put on us," they told BuzzFeed.

    "Maximalism is the opportunity to free ourselves out of creative restrictions and let ourselves explore our sense of style with reckless abandon. To truly have fun getting dressed and bring joy to our lives. Clothing is an emotional experience; we have to wear it for practical reasons, but it also becomes our second skin. Taking time to get dressed can even change our moods! So, I like to dress joyfully, and in turn, that brings joy to others."

    Sara's videos often feature her fun, personable get-ready-with-me's and outfit-of-the-days (OOTD), and it all started with Sara using her page just as a way to express her love for fashion. "I worked an office job at a tech company full-time, and was looking for a creative outlet to show what I loved the most — clothes!" she told BuzzFeed. "I randomly posted an OOTD video of myself in a full puppy printed outfit and matching tote bag, and it went viral instantly."

    Screen shot of Sara's TikTok

    Nevertheless, with all the attention she's been getting for her bold looks, comes tons of comments — positive and negative. "With such a big, popular platform like TikTok, now hundreds of thousands of people can share their opinion on my outfits. It's scary, because people can definitely be mean," she said.

    Screen shot of Sara's TikTok video

    "But it's also inspiring, because I feel as though I have helped spark confidence in those who were too afraid to stand out before."

    Screen shot of comments on Sara's TikTok

    Whether fans share her style or not, Sara's videos have been inspiring people to wear what they want and have confidence doing it.

    Screen shot of comments on Sara's TikTok

    "I love that you are so unapologetically yourself. I'm starting to [get] to this point; trying to get past caring about what others think! TY for being you," a viewer wrote on one of her most recent videos featuring a "girls night" OOTD.

    Thalia's TikToks — which often feature styling videos and fun, chatty OOTDs — have been a result of a longtime love for experimenting with fashion: "I remember being in elementary school [through] high school. During my summer breaks, I would take all my clothes and try to make new outfit combinations from them," they said. "At the time, I didn't have access to a bunch of new clothes, but I still wanted to show my creativity and personal style, so I would look for all the different ways I could wear a top. There were times I would wear my tops as skirts!"

    Screen shot from Thalia's TikTok video

    Thousands of viewers have been loving Thalia's content and have been encouraged to develop confidence and define their own personal style, too. "People will message me and tell me how I have inspired them and have helped them make bold fashion choices in their life. Sometimes they send me pictures of their fun outfits, and it is really nice to see so many people be inspired to wear what they want to wear without fear and disregarding people's opinions. It's a beautiful thing!" Thalia said.

    Screen shot of comments on Thalia's TikTok

    But while they receive tons of support in the comments, Thalia has also had to deal with the negativity as well. "I wish people knew that it took time to build this confidence. And that even to this day, it is still hard to receive a negative comment (I always ignore them), because for me, my fashion is my art form. The same way people may paint or draw or dance, is the way I style and build outfits on my body. It's my passion, and so, negative comments suck. But the confidence will continue to grow the more we all make bold choices in our style."

    Screen shot from Thalia's TikTok

    So, at the end of the day, Thalia wants to remind people that fashion is just one part of their life. "I am a multifaceted person. I love many things. I rock climb, I sew, I knit, I love to go on adventures. My life is more than just my fashion content. I am a person with feelings."

    Both Thalia and Sara promote sustainable fashion on their platforms, so for those who want to switch up their wardrobe — while saving money and protecting the environment — they have some pretty helpful tips.

    A row of clothes hanging

    "I know shopping secondhand can also get pricey, so something I've been loving lately is swapping clothes with friends, or renting clothing from rental boutiques. There are even Facebook groups where you can swap clothes with people who live in your area," Sara told BuzzFeed.

    Screen shot of Sara's TikTok video

    "I also am an avid eBay, Poshmark, Depop, etc. shopper. I keep my notifications on for when a piece I've been eyeing goes on sale! eBay is perfect when shopping for a vintage treasure you can't seem to find at the thrift store."

    Screen shot from Sara's TikTok video

    "The most sustainable thing you can do is wear what you already own. Think about different ways you can combine your garments and give yourself the grace to try those combinations — don't let fear or the thought of 'well, this doesn't go together' stop you from putting it on! If you are in need of new clothes, intentionally buy based on your personal style, needs, and lifestyle choices," Thalia said.

    Screen shot from Thalia's TikTok video

    "Think about your environment and how you live your life, and buy based on that and what you are most attracted to in clothing. That way, it can be something you can continuously use! Consider how a new garment may work with what you already own in your wardrobe. Just these small, intuitive shopping steps makes a big difference in how we work sustainability into fashion!"

    Screen shot from Thalia's TikTok video

    Personally, as a minimalist-ish person myself, I'm very much here for all the maximalist vibes and hope it's here to stay. But most of all, I love the message behind it. As Thalia says, "It is okay to be bold. It is okay to dress in the way that the child version of you wanted to dress."

    "I hope that people will gain confidence in themselves, knowing that they should never dress for anyone but their own happiness," Sara adds. "Making fun of someone for the way they look or dress is the meanest form of bullying in my opinion, and no one should be scared to be who they want to be."

    If you'd like to keep up with Thalia and learn more about their work as a stylist, check out their Instagram and TikTok. And you can keep up with Sara and her shop as well on her Instagram, TikTok, and website.