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    Lizzo Waiting For The Results Of The 2020 Election Is So Relatable It Hurts

    "Nevada, girl..."

    So it’s day four of the 2020 election, and America continues to wait to find out who will be the next president.

    Still of Mr. Krabs from animated show SpongeBob SquarePants ringing a bell with the caption, "Day Four, Give It Up for Day Four'

    Many on the internet have been trying to get through this stressful time with a little humor.

    Nevada gonna wake up tomorrow and announce the presidency like “I have two photos in my hand...”

    And on TikTok, Lizzo has been sharing funny videos of her waiting for the final results — capturing how many people are feeling right now.

    Because, hey, who hasn't been waking up every day to check the news, only to feel a bit like this:


    Live footage of me checking the news this morning

    ♬ original sound - lizzo

    Ah yes, that feeling of hope waking up to another new day...

    Lizzo in bed scrolling through her phone with the caption, "Alright."

    ...and then this feeling:

    Lizzo looking unimpressed with the caption, "We still don't know..."

    Oh, no results? I'm going back to bed. Goodbye.

    And Lizzo had to react to Nevada, which has become quite a meme as one of the swing states that are still counting ballots — and leaving people anxiously waiting like this:

    Nevada, listen...

    Lizzo looking exasperated with the caption, "Nevada, girl... I'll wait, but really?" really be like this:

    Lizzo pursing her lips in surpriser with the caption, "Nevada-and I oop..."

    Lizzo is simply waiting just like the rest of us — and I appreciate the laughs in the meantime.


    Mood while we waitin...

    ♬ original sound - lizzo

    And for now, I'll be here.

    For live election updates, keep an eye out on BuzzFeed News!