17 Things I Learned On TikTok That Taught Me More Than My Entire High School Career

    OK, but why did I just find out how easy it is to remove an oil stain?!

    From cooking recipes to life hacks, you can find just about anything on TikTok that might actually make your life easier.

    So, here are some of the most fascinating — and helpful — tips I've learned from TikTok that, TBH, I wish I knew sooner:

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    1. @uwinezajulie (also @uwinezajulie on Instagram) duetted this hack from @notjustbored1214 to get rid of surface-level paint scratches on your car:

    THE TIP: According to the video, mix coconut oil and white vinegar, and then, use a rag to rub the mixture over the scratch...and, welp, it should come off!

    Tips for removing scratches from a car

    2. @fixitorditchit shares how to remove your oven door to make cleaning your oven wayyy easier:

    THE TIP: After opening your oven door, all you have to do is push these two clips down. Then, you lift the oven door up until it stops, and then pull the door up and out.

    An opened oven with arrows pointing to the side of the oven door

    3. @livingplanetfriendly shared how you can freeze leftover pasta sauce for easy use later:


    We are @soupercubes household 🧊 its perfect for freezing sauce, broth, soups and so much more! Since we started using them, we’ve saved so much money and reduced our food waste. #Eco #Ecofriendly #LowWaste #ZeroWaste #EarthDay #EarthMonth #FoodWaste #ReduceFoodWaste #Sauce #SouperCubes

    ♬ Get You The Moon - Kina

    THE TIP: Instead of letting your leftover pasta sauce spoil in the fridge or throwing it away, you can pour them into one of these huge silicone Souper Cube trays — which has four one-cup portions. After the cubes are frozen, Maria pops them out, places them in a bag, and stores them in the freezer, saying they can last for months.

    Side-by-side of pasta sauce and an ice cube tray

    4. @brennan.kai shared these tips for storing produce so it lasts longer:


    if you don’t know, now you know— storing your produce properly helps extend its life 🌍🍓🥑 here’s a few food storage hacks to help you avoid food waste & save money 🤍 thank you all for following along during food waste week— hope you stick around for minimalism week, starting on Monday ✨ happy weekend & cheers to our earth & all its incredible resources! ♻️ #sustainability #zerowaste #lowwaste #plasticfree #sustainable #ecohome #environmentalist #foodwaste #earthday #earthmonth #minimalist #minimalism #foodwastetip #foodwastesolution #foodwasteprevention #compost #cooking #recipe #cookwithme

    ♬ Sunday - HNNY

    THE TIP: For berries, Brennan gives them a vinegar and water bath, rinses them, and then stores them in an airtight container with a cloth at the bottom to absorb excess moisture.

    For greens, Brennan washes and dries them, stores them in a container with airflow, and adds some Swedish dish cloths to absorb excess moisture.

    Salad in bowls

    For bell peppers, Brennan mentions that they "love humidity," so she chops them and stores them in an airtight container with a wet cloth.

    Chopped peppers

    And lastly, Brennan stores carrots, celery, lemons, and limes in water to help extend their lifespan.

    Sliced veggies and limes

    5. @tiffanytregoning shared how you can prevent stale cereal by "correctly" folding your cereal box like this:

    THE TIP: Fold the two side flaps of the cereal box in, and fold the back flap in as well. Then, you push in the sides of the box so they fold in, and then tuck in the remaining top flap. (You can see the steps of the hack written out with step-by-step visuals here!)

    A cereal box

    6. @tidycademypro shared this simple tip to make your pillow cases look super neat:

    THE TIP: If you have extra fabric hanging out from your pillowcase, take that extra piece and stuff it inside the case. Then, tightly pull at the remaining corners to smooth out the pillowcase. Such a lovely, professional touch when you're making your bed, TBH!

    Pillows on a bed

    7. @simplelifeehacks shared this hack to clean stains on Tupperware:

    THE TIP: Grab a piece of paper towel and place it at the bottom of an empty Tupperware container. Then, you'll add some water and dish soap. Finally, put the lid on and shake the container, and it should be nice and clean. (You can see the hack in action here.)

    Clean Tupperware

    8. @the_eugefood shared this tip to reduce food waste and use your vegetable scraps in a homemade vegetable stock:

    THE TIP: Instead of throwing away your vegetable scraps, keep them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer (which apparently every chef does 👀). Then, when you're ready to make your vegetable stock, throw the scraps in a pot, add water, and let it boil. Add your aromatics of choice (Eugene used peppercorns, bay leaves, and thyme) and let it simmer (he let his stock simmer for an hour). Finally, strain the broth and store it for whenever you're ready to use it.

    Vegetables being used to make vegetable broth

    9. @howdoesshe shared this "mom hack" to make small bags for snacks out of larger Ziploc bags:

    THE TIP: Heat a knife on the stove for a couple of seconds, and then slice a Ziploc bag down the middle. The heat of the knife will seal the plastic, and you'll end up with two smaller halves that make perfect, snack-sized baggies.

    "Slice it here!"

    10. @simyrants shared this trick to remove those stickers from any new item you just purchased:

    THE TIP: Use a hair dryer on high heat to blow dry the sticker for a few seconds, and it should peel off. If it doesn't peel away easily, try blow-drying it for more time.

    A blow dryer

    11. @jeeves_ny shared this dry cleaner's tip for how to remove grease, oil, or butter stains out of clothes:


    Reply to @michaelmarqueso how to remove a grease oil or butter stain #stain #oil #howto #laundry #clothes

    ♬ original sound - clean freakz

    THE TIP: Squeeze some Dawn dish soap on the stain, rub it in, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Then, wash the clothes as recommended. @jeeves_ny says not to tumble dry the clothes if the stain doesn't come out, as it will set the stain into the fabric and make it permanent.

    Dawn dish soap and a butter stain

    12. @jeeves_ny shared another dry cleaner's tip for how to fix a stretched-out collar on a T-shirt:

    THE TIP: Pour water on the stretched-out neckline and then tumble dry the shirt as you normally would. In the video, the shirt's collar shrunk down by about two inches!

    A shirt on a hanger

    13. @stoveandgarden shared three restaurant cooking hacks that'll make mealtime so much better. The first tip shows you how to keep slippery cutting boards in place:

    THE TIP: If you have a plastic cutting board that tends to slide against a countertop, you can place a wet paper towel underneath it to prevent it from moving.

    Someone cutting veggies

    14. @stoveandgarden's second hack shows you how to tenderize chicken without the extra mess:

    Someone tenderizing chicken

    THE TIP: If you don't want to worry about cleaning your meat mallet after using it, simply place your chicken in a freezer bag first, and then use the pounder as usual.

    Chicken in a bag with a mallet next to it

    15. @stoveandgarden's third hack shows you how to make sure your breadcrumbs actually stick when you're breading chicken:

    Breaded chicken

    THE TIP: Instead of dipping the chicken directly in the egg wash first, try dipping it in ~flour~ first, then egg wash, and then the breadcrumbs. The flour helps the egg wash hold better so that the breadcrumbs can hold better as well.

    Steps to bread chicen

    16. @sheiskd_ shared this hack to easily clean large mirrors:

    THE TIP: Fit a microfiber cloth around the base of the Swiffer — like you would normally attach a Swiffer wet pad — and secure it by pushing the remaining fabric into the four indents on top of the Swiffer. Then, you can spray your glass cleaner of choice on the cloth. Now, you can conveniently reach those tall/wide mirrors in your home and clean them sooo much faster.

    Using a Swiffer to clean a large mirror

    17. And finally, @momlifewithlaura shared how to make cold, hard butter immediately spreadable:


    #stitch with @roxy.369 Another cool butter hack I had to test out! Have you ever tried this? #lifehack #hack #momhack #momhacks #doesitwork #cookinghack #momcontent #momsoftiktok

    ♬ original sound - Laura | Mom Comedy

    THE TIP: Grate the butter using a sieve, and just like that, you have softened butter you can use right away.

    A sieve

    What are some other life hacks that more people should know? Let us know in the comments below!