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    Keke Palmer Made A TikTok Account For Her Viral “Southern Belle Insults,” And People Are Obsessed

    Lady Miss is 100% savage.

    Actor, singer, and TV host Keke Palmer is a woman of many talents.

    Keke Palmer poses for a photo at an event

    If you're already a fan of the Hustlers actor, you may know that Keke often makes hilarious comedy skits on her social media accounts like Instagram and TikTok — giving us all a much-needed boost of serotonin.

    Here's one of her most iconic personas, Chelsea "Barbie" Taylor, who's known for giving positive "Mirror Affirmations."

    So, as a fan of Keke's characters, I was pretty ELATED when I discovered Keke's new TikTok account @southernbelleinsults — a page dedicated to what's basically her SAVAGE Southern belle alter ego.

    Keke's new TikTok page, which is known as "Southern Belle Insults"

    Part of a series known as "Southern Belle Insults," the page features another one of Keke's personas named "Lady Miss Jacqueline" — a wealthy Southern socialite who can roast you into oblivion.

    Keke poses in a dramatic designer gown as "Lady Miss"

    Here's Lady Miss ruining the wedding of "Janet," a recurring character played by producer Max Wyeth and the unfortunate soul who's often on the receiving end of her insults:


    Have you met Lady Miss Jacqueline?(@kekepalmer) She is THE lady about town. #fyp #foryourpage 😏💋 Voice of Janet: @maxwyeth #SouthernBelleInsults

    ♬ original sound - southernbelleinsults

    Here's Lady Miss letting us know that we're having a bad hair day:


    And I thought the lockdown bangs were bad! 😏 Lady Miss. (@kekepalmer) will set you straight. 💋 #fyp - #foryou - #comedy - #southernbelleinsults

    ♬ original sound - southernbelleinsults

    Here's Lady Miss basically destroying Janet's outfit in less than 20 seconds:


    Poor Janet, have you SEEN a mirror? Lady Miss: @kekepalmer 💋💋😏 Voice of Janet: @maxwyeth #fyp - #foryou - #foryourpage - #southernbelleinsults

    ♬ original sound - southernbelleinsults

    And here's Lady Miss giving Janet a Christmas present she'll never forget:


    Xmas treats in August for you Janet! Lady Miss: @kekepalmer 💋💋 Voice of Janet: @maxwyeth 🔥 #fyp - #foryou - #foryourpage - #southernbelleinsults

    ♬ original sound - southernbelleinsults

    While the "Southern Belle Insults" TikTok page is only a few days old, Lady Miss has been making an appearance on Keke's social media for quite some time now. The original Christmas video was uploaded to her Instagram in 2018 and has gotten nearly 2 million views.

    BUT CLEARLY, Lady Miss needed a whole page on TikTok dedicated to her own content — and users can't get enough of Keke and her unforgettable character.

    A fan writes with excitement in the comments, "Wow, get this woman another show"

    The internet is HERE for Lady Miss.

    I've been really obsessing over Keke Palmer acting out Southern Belle insults. 🤣

    In conclusion, Lady Miss is bold, unfiltered, and iconic — and ~hopefully~ she has more videos to come.