DJ Khaled And Drake's "Popstar" Music Video Was Just Released, And People Can't Stop Talking About Justin Bieber

    Bieber fever all over again.

    DJ Khaled just dropped his new music video for “Popstar” featuring Drake, and within the first 24 hours of its release, it’s already gained over 14 million views.

    DJ Khaled's music video on YouTube

    14 MILLION!!!

    A close-up of the views on YouTube, which currently reads over 14.3 million views

    The music video, which is directed by Director X (aka Julien Christian Lutz), features Drake showcasing his acting skills in a funny opening where he receives several video messages from DJ Khaled, who begs him to appear in a music video for "Popstar."

    In one of his video calls, Khaled says, "We have to shoot the video; we have to figure something out"

    Now, Drake's had ENOUGH. Continuing the scene, he complains that Khaled's "off his rocker," constantly hassling him for help.

    Drake says of Khaled “Every 5 seconds on my phone he's asking me for something, and it’s like I already gave him the songs, and now he wants a video"

    So, since he's quarantined in Canada, Drake enlists the help of none other than ~Justin Bieber~ to appear in the music video — and hopefully appease DJ Khaled.

    Justin Bieber in "Popstar"

    Justin Bieber lip-synchs to Drake's lyrics while playing the role of a popstar (very fitting) in a massive mansion — the day after what probably was a massive party. And he's very much living the life.

    Justin wakes up in a bed with a room full of women after a wild night

    He's got enormous portraits of himself on the walls.

    Justin walks by a colorful Andy Warhol-style pop art portraits of himself

    He's got party people.

    Justin sits among guests with drinks in his hands

    He's got a wardrobe.

    Justin gets changed into a different outfit by stylists

    He's got cars.

    Justin poses with guests in front of expensive cars outside

    He's got a luxurious coat.

    Justin wears an oversized fur coat among other dancers

    Justin has everything.

    Justin poses for the camera with a smoldering stare

    Or not. At the end of the video, it turns out it was ~perhaps~ all a dream.

    Justin is suddenly found sleeping in a bed

    Other well-known people also make appearances in the music video, including Justin's manager, Scooter Braun.

    Scooter talks to Justin during the music video

    And Justin's wife, Hailey Bieber.

    Justin wakes up next to Hailey in the video

    But despite all the wild events in the video, people are verrrryyyy much into seeing Justin Bieber in general.

    Very much.

    Say "i" if u think standing Justin Bieber is the best decision you've ever made

    People are impressed.

    justin bieber didn’t come to play in the popstar music video

    People are swooning.

    Justin Bieber in the new popstar video is what I needed

    For some people, it brings some joy to 2020.


    Bieber fever all over again.

    damn ittttt. I love JB again 😍

    Fans even drew similarities between Justin back in the day vs. Justin now.

    Like the longer hair — flashing us back to 2010.

    Justin bieber Justin bieber in Baby (2010) Popstar (2020)

    And the fact that Justin received a call from Drake at the end of the "Popstar" video, similar to him receiving a call from Usher at the beginning of his 2009 "One Time" music video.

    Justin Bieber Justin Bieber at 2009 at 2020

    And BTW, when Justin Bieber receives that call in "Popstar," it features his song "Baby" as the ringtone.

    With all the praise, Justin basically stole the show. The music video isn't even his — but at the same time, it kinda is.

    not justin bieber being the most commented celebrity of the platform today for just being in a music video that’s not even his jsjsjs

    There has been lots of wholesome positivity overall.

    beliebers after seeing so many viral positive tweets about justin bieber today

    I personally enjoyed the fact that Drake, DJ Khaled, and Justin continued the fun from the music video on social media. On Instagram, Drake posted a clip from the video with the caption: "Thanks JB…I owe u you one."

    Justin posted a clip in response on his own Instagram with the caption: "Anytime." DJ Khaled also commented on Drake's post: "Thank u DRAKE AND JB I OWE U YALL A FEW!!!!!!!!!!!"

    DJ Khaled's enthusiastic comment on Drake's Instagram post


    You can watch the full music video for "Popstar" here:

    View this video on YouTube

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