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    People On TikTok Are Pranking Their S.O.'s With This Popular "High School Musical" Scene, And I Can't Get Enough

    “I gotta go my own way.” Literally.

    One of the most iconic scenes (among many) that the High School Musical franchise has given us is Troy and Gabriella’s heartfelt goodbye in the song “Gotta Go My Own Way.”

    Gabriella begins singing to Troy, "I gotta say what's on my mind"

    Now, 2007 was quite a long time ago, so you may need a refresher. Long story short, in High School Musical 2, Gabriella decides to quit her job at the Evans' family country club and leave Troy behind after a bunch of drama that summer.

    Gabriella tearfully gives Troy a goodbye

    One of the best parts of this scene is the EMOTION. There are lots of facial expressions. Harmonies. I mean, we've been invested in Gabriella and Troy's relationship for so long, and then suddenly these two are separating in the middle of the summer?? Excuse me??

    Troy looks at Gabriella with the saddest eyes ever

    And so, it made perfect sense for the HSM scene to resurface on TikTok and become a new couples trend — with a twist.

    TikTokers have made this iconic moment a couples prank by re-creating the emotional scene with their significant other and then ditching them midsong, resulting in a funny video.

    Like this one:

    A couple is separated by a doorframe and can't see each other, the woman leaves mid-song, and her boyfriend obliviously continues to sing

    Sometimes, they just stop singing and stay there — like this:


    Got him hahahaha @darrenkav97 he always wanted to be Troy Bolton so I didn’t even have to convince him to do this #houseoftiktok #hsm #hsmchallenge

    ♬ som original - fastmusix
    One person stops singing suddenly and their partner continues

    The best part is when the oblivious partner REALLY gets into the song:


    LOL someone wanted to be Troy Bolton when they were a kid 💀 #coupleprank #couplethings #relationshipgoals #couplegoals #prankwars

    ♬ som original - fastmusix
    One partner dramatically sings as if he's in the movie

    It just gets super awkward:

    He didn’t know I left 😂 @genobonfiglio #tiktok

    ♬ som original - fastmusix
    Someone sneaks off, leaving their partner behind

    Just some innocent fun:

    Another person does the same thing, holding back laughter


    This person can't help but laugh during the song

    It gets them every time:


    He had no idea I walked away 😂😂😂 @itsrivers

    ♬ som original - fastmusix
    This woman peaces out then points to her boyfriend who is dramatically singing alone

    And of course, like most pranks, some of them take a hilarious turn:

    He caught on.

    A couple ends up pranking each other by both of them leaving during the song

    Good one, TikTok!