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There Are Five Great Lakes In North America — How Many Can You Name?

Let's see how ~great~ your memory is.

There are five Great Lakes on and near the Canada–US border. Do you remember their names?

A map of the US–Canada border with the five Great Lakes
Rainer Lesniewski / Getty Images / iStockphoto / BuzzFeed

This quiz is simple: You have one minute to name all five Great Lakes before time runs out. Make sure you have the correct English spelling! Also, using "Lake" before the actual lake name isn't required, but it still counts. (For example, if one lake was called "Lake BuzzFeed," you could say "BuzzFeed" or "Lake BuzzFeed." Either answer will count!)


Oh, and "BuzzFeed" isn't a lake (as far as I know), so it's definitely not an answer on this quiz. 

It's time to test your lake memory. Ready?

Image credit: Getty Images

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