Gordon Ramsay Is Actually The Most Wholesome Dad Ever, And Here Are The Receipts

    Gordon Ramsay is our dad now.

    Sure, you may know British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who's well-known for giving his honest — and often brutal — critiques of people’s food on TV.

    But did you know that the Hell's Kitchen star is ALSO a VERY WHOLESOME DAD in real life???

    Here's Gordon with Matilda "Tilly" Ramsay — his 19-year-old daughter — who's followed in her father's footsteps and made appearances on MasterChef Junior and Hell's Kitchen. She's also a TV presenter of her own show, Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch.

    Gordon has his own TikTok account where he hilariously reacts to "bad" cooking videos — and he also often makes appearances on Tilly's TikTok account, and together, their content is just wonderful:

    They recently participated in the incredibly popular "This or That Challenge" on TikTok, and the video went mega-viral with over 39 million views on Gordon's account and over 10 million views on Tilly's account. And YOU BET it was filled with many cute father-daughter moments:

    In the video, Tilly chooses "mum's cooking" over "dad's cooking" then Tilly jumps on Gordon's back when they both have to choose between "high maintenance" and "low maintenance"

    Here's Gordon and Tilly lip-synching to Aly & AJ's hit "Potential Breakup Song" — as lip-synching to the song has been quite a viral TikTok trend.


    A birthday Tiktok from us 🤣🤣 @gordonramsayofficial #fyp

    ♬ Potential Breakup Song - Aly & AJ

    This man is happy-go-lucky!!!

    Gordon Ramsay and Tilly rock out while lip-synching to Aly and AJ's "Potential Breakup Song"

    And here's Tilly pranking Gordon by making him dance without him realizing what's happening:


    Dad be vibin 🤣 #fyp @gordonramsayofficial

    ♬ Music Sounds Better with You - NEIL FRANCES

    He's (accidentally) vibin'!!!

    Gordon Ramsay ducks under Tilly's arm as a prank, making it look like he's dancing

    In fact, Gordon and Tilly dance together a whole lot.


    Getting better by the day @gordonramsayofficial #fyp 🤣🤣

    ♬ Say So - Doja Cat

    He’s having the time of his life!!!

    Gordon and Tilly Ramsay do the viral "Say So" dance

    I'm LIVING for Ramsay family content. Gordon and Tilly TikTok is the place to be.

    Gordon and Tilly Ramsay pose with whisks then pose in fancy attire for an event

    Welp, thanks Tilly's TikTok account for letting us know that the one and only Gordon Ramsay is just another wholesome dad living his best life!

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