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    16 Times People Were Ghosted In The Worst Way Possible

    "I got to our apartment, and all his stuff was gone. He just disappeared."

    A while ago, we shared a post about how people were sharing the most brutal ways they've ever been ghosted — and yes, the stories get pretty bad.


    And if you haven't heard of ghosting, it's basically when someone ends a relationship with someone else by abruptly cutting off all contact without any clear explanation or warning.

    In the comments of that post, many people from the BuzzFeed Community shared their own stories of the worst ways they've been ghosted. Here are some of the wildest ones:

    1. This Facebook message:

    "I got ghosted when I told him I was pregnant. Then he had the audacity to find me on Facebook literally decades later saying, 'I don't know if you remember me?' Seriously?"


    2. This runaway date:

    "My one and only matchmaking website date. Met this guy at a restaurant, we were getting along pretty well, then afterwards, he said he had to get something from this shop nearby. He’s browsing, so I decide to use the bathroom. On my way out, I look through a window, and there he is getting on a bus! No texts, no messages, no call, nothing. Weird. I deleted my account after that."


    Credit cards stacked on a few dollar bills
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    3. This ex's debt:

    "My ex ghosted me after I loaned him $1,300 on my credit card. I ended up suing him and won. Then he hit on my friend's friend at a club and gave her his card. He told her he just thought we worked better as friends. He did call me though and asked me how I was doing. I filed for his pay to be garnished, since I had his employer from his business card. Idiot."


    4. These flaky parents:

    "When I was a teen, I babysat for a family, and I asked for a 50 cent an hour raise after working for them for four years. They said they would think about it and that I should come for my next shift and they would let me know. I show up, and they weren’t home. They never answered my calls. The problem was I babysat for their next-door neighbor, so I would still see them a lot, but they would just avert their eyes and not allow the kids to talk to me. It was heartbreaking and so unnecessary. Cowards."


    5. This international move:

    "Five years ago, I was working on a two-year contract in Italy. During my second week, I met this guy and we instantly connected. We ended up moving together and everything was great. Fast-forward six months before the end of my contract (we had been dating for almost two years, I met his family, and he met mine), and I told him I had to go back home. We talked things through and decided I was gonna try to stay. So, I looked for a job and got one after five months. Because I'm not from Europe, I had to get everything sorted in my home country before permanently moving. I went back, and we set a date for three months from then for me to move with him and officially get married. I quit my job, got my visa sorted, and left family and friends. All this time, we spoke every day. The day I landed in Rome, he didn't reply to any of my texts. I got to our apartment, and I kid you not, all his stuff was gone. He just disappeared."


    6. This guilty coworker:

    "I got ghosted by a 'friend' once. I worked with this girl for about a year, and we were really tight, and we hung out all the time. ... Later, some stuff went down at work, and I lost my job in a really unfair way. There was a lot of gossip going around the office about some planned changes, but I was not the ringleader of that gossip. I had had several conversations with this 'friend'/coworker, regarding what had been going on. We were going to meet up, eat, and talk about it. She told me she had to pump gas and then she’d be there. She never showed up, my number and Facebook were blocked, and I never saw or heard from her again.

    What I'm pretty sure happened is that she made up lies about me to our boss to cover for herself, and instead of fessing up to it, she took the coward's way out and ghosted herself from my life. None of our coworkers know what happened to her or where she went.

    So, a big eff you for causing me to lose a job that I loved for many years that helped me provide a needed side income. At least you taught me who to trust at a job."


    Someone checking their text messages on their phone
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    7. This super-inappropriate text:

    "I had a guy ghost me. It sucked, but I moved on 'cause we were casually dating and mostly just hooking up. Fast-forward a month or so, he’s not even remotely on my mind...I’m with my family as we sit with my great uncle in his hospital room as he is dying. This guy, lo and behold, randomly texts me and asks what I was doing. I told him where I was and that it wasn’t a good time to talk. I don’t hear from him for a few hours, and then all of a sudden, I get a d*ck pic from this guy! I called him up and ripped into him for being inappropriate while my uncle is DYING. His reasoning: The photo was supposed to cheer me up."


    8. This best friend who went completely MIA:

    "I was ghosted by my best friend. She had been using work as an excuse for her being absent, but posted daily pictures of her out with other friends. Then, she stopped talking to me for several months, even blocking me on social media when she’d post pictures with friends.

    When my grandma was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, she came around a little bit. A few days after my grandma passed, she sent me a message, apologizing for my grandma’s passing and that she’d been MIA for a while. She told me she’d bring my family some dinner one night, and not to bother getting food ready. She didn’t show up that night and ignored any and all texts I sent her when we were left with no dinner that night. I was so disappointed in her. I did everything for her, and she left the second I needed her."


    9. This unexpected re-encounter:

    "Back in 2004, I had been living with a guy for a few months. I didn’t have a car, so he was my ride to and from work. I called him on my lunch break and everything seemed fine. He even told me that he loved me. Then, after my shift, I sat outside for an hour waiting for him to pick me up. I was absolutely terrified that he had gotten into a car accident since he wasn’t picking up his phone. I finally got another ride home from a coworker only to find that all of his stuff had been moved out of my apartment.

    Several years later, my husband and I were out having pizza with our kids. This family came into the restaurant as we were eating, but I didn’t really pay them any attention. I got up to use the restroom and came back to see my husband chatting the family up and our daughter playing with their baby. I walked over to remind my daughter to be careful with the baby, only to realize who my husband is laughing and talking with...the guy who ghosted me from all those years ago!"


    Someone walks with their suitcase at airport terminal
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    10. This airport goodbye:

    "Dated someone on and off for 10 years. We lived together for a few years while I was in college. He was a local in my college town, and I ran into some mental health issues and had to leave school and go back home 300 miles away. We stayed together after he joined the Army and was deployed overseas for two years, but his family had relocated to a state in the central US, and I live on the West Coast, so when he got out, he went to where his family lives. When he was discharged from the military, he flew into the town where I live, and we took a 350-mile road trip for a wedding weekend for his friends. We spent the weekend together, and it was wonderful. We drove back to my city, said our goodbyes, he said he loved me and wanted to marry me — which was something we had talked about for years — and that he would text me when he landed. Long story short, I never heard from him. It’s been eight years since I dropped him off at the airport, and we’re both married to other people, but what an a**hole."


    11. This big secret:

    "This was 15 years ago before 'ghosting' was even a word people used. My boyfriend and I had been dating for six months. We had long, deep messages on Myspace every day, met our friends, and went on dates three times a week. Two days before my birthday, when my father was sick in the hospital, he just stopped talking to me. Didn’t show up to our date, ignored all calls, Facebook messages, and Myspace messages. After a month of this silent treatment, I had enough and changed my relationship status to 'single.' He then got mad at me [after] ignoring me for a month when my father was in the ICU! Two years later, he emails me explaining he had a secret girlfriend in another country no one knew about. He hadn’t seen her for three years, and according to him, 'that was too long without sex,' but he assured me the long messages meant our relationship was more than that — even though he could barely remember it. I deleted the email and never replied."


    12. This ghost that never quite went away:

    "Back when I was living in New Zealand, I met a guy at work and we hit it off immediately. It was intense — I thought he was 'the one' for sure! He travelled back to Liverpool to visit family and was calling, texting, sending flowers, and bought me a new LG Chocolate phone. (Yes, this was a while ago!)

    When he got back to NZ, things turned a bit strange. It turned out his ex-wife had fallen into trouble with the law in the UK by using stolen credit cards and staying in hotels. ... He realized he wasn’t over her completely and so rather than having a mature conversation with me, he just disappeared off the face of the earth, ignoring my calls, Facebook messages, etc. — but he worked down the road from my office. This meant that I kept seeing this guy who totally crushed me — at traffic lights, at bars — so bloody awkward!"


    Someone taking off their engagement ring
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    13. This broken engagement:

    "My engagement ended because the guy ghosted me. He joined the Peace Corps in August, we got engaged the next May, and then I flew across the world to visit him before Christmas one year — and I paid for basically everything because he was making next to no money. The day after New Year’s, he TEXTED me to tell me we couldn’t get married because it 'didn’t feel right.' He literally refused to text me or call me after that. The only contact I got from him was an email a week later telling me he hated my favorite book. His loss!"


    14. This complete plot twist:

    "My worst ghosting experience: I matched with a guy on Tinder who I had known in real life before. We talk for months, and he keeps rescheduling our first date. Finally comes a date that he doesn't reschedule, but the day before, he stops talking to me. No responses at all. The time and location of the date were set, but since I didn't heard from him, I didn't go. He messages the next day something about dropping his phone and not being able to respond, but I'm suspicious because he doesn't mention me not turning up to the pre-arranged date. I'm sure he didn't go either, so his excuse that his phone broke is BS. I play dumb and pretend it's fine, but I ask why he didn't show up. He gives some lame excuse and asks how long I waited for him. I say I didn't even leave my house because he wasn't responding, and I'm not dumb. Suddenly, he stopped responding to me again. Turns out, he was friends with a girl who absolutely hated me, and they had worked together to set me up to be humiliated."


    15. This dinner that never happened:

    "A friend of mine had the weirdest ghosting experience. She was dating this guy she met online for two to three months. All going OK, nothing too serious, but they were spending most nights and weekends together. One day, she gets back from work, and he texts her if she's home and asks what she wants for dinner. She says, 'I feel like a pizza tonight.' He says, 'OK, I'll pick one up and I'll see you at yours.' Hours go by, and he never comes over. At this point, she's convinced he's had an accident and tries to call and text him frantically. Few days go by, and she can't find out what happened to him, then she randomly runs into him in a Kroger parking lot. Guy just turns around without a word and walks away. Either the world's biggest coward or got kidnapped by aliens."


    16. And this satisfying ending:

    "I once went on a few nice dates with someone and eventually decided to sleep with him because it felt right. Then I didn’t hear from him for a few days after, so then I texted him and asked what he was doing that weekend, and he responded that he didn’t think it would work out. So I called him out on his conveniently only realizing this *after* we slept together. He said we were too different, and when I asked him what he meant by that, he just never responded.

    Fast-forward a few years. I’m a musician and my new bandmate was like, 'Hey, so my friend Josh says you guys used to date?' I said, 'What, who’s Josh?' I’d literally forgotten about him. Then my friend showed me a picture of him, and it finally clicked. It felt SO satisfying to think my friend would later relay our conversation to Josh. Also, it turns out he’d been to one of our shows before, and I hadn’t even recognized him. Serves him right."


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    How about you? What's the worst way you've ever been ghosted? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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