23 Jokes About Money Because Inflation Is Super High, So Let's Just Laugh Through Our Tears

    "My budget for July is $0."

    It's 2022. Gas prices are high, inflation in May went up 8.6% since last year — the highest since 1981 — and we're all trying to survive this dystopian world we're living in.

    So if you, too, have money on the mind, here are 23 funny tweets about money — because, well, things are expensive and it's hard out here:

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    you want me to be mad about inflation…..the thing that makes my bouncy houses possible?????

    Twitter: @deadeyebrakeman


    My budget for July is $0. I need to start stealing

    Twitter: @challxn


    Me: i need to save my money because i had to work hard to earn it Also me: what’s the point of working hard for money if i dont get to spend it

    Twitter: @tattyhassan


    That pre-broke stage like you ain’t yet broke, but you can see it coming 😭😭

    Twitter: @gemperm


    due to the increase in gas prices a man hanging from the passenger side of his best friend’s ride is no longer a scrub, he is a man making smart financial decisions and I’m intrigued

    Twitter: @roastmalone_


    I SAID we supposed to be saving our money!!!

    Twitter: @Speedfromtx__


    guys I cancelled my netflix subscription im so excited to finally own a house who knew it was this easy 🥰

    Twitter: @MeganLong24


    🎉Made my last car payment 🎉 I still owe a lot but I'm just not paying anymore

    Twitter: @ykmaj6


    no sir I’m not “declaring bankruptcy” I’m just in my flop era

    Twitter: @kurtisconner


    Thankfully gas prices can never go above $9.99 since most of the signs only have three digits

    Twitter: @greg16676935420


    You become an adult twice. When you turn 18. And when you find out how much it costs to professionally frame something at Michael’s.

    Twitter: @mjkiebus


    No matter how broke you are, just try to smell good

    Twitter: @jhayhne_


    Congress when they see a bill that benefits poor people: https://t.co/zLk1qsb6ga

    Twitter: @Tashiee_J


    Fully furnished flat in London to rent. Six grand a month.

    Twitter: @NoContextBrits


    People be like “live within your means” as if rent, food, & gas are reasonably priced LOL.

    Twitter: @xx_lsp


    Apple take they Iil $9.99 at the worst time.. now I gotta eat music for breakfast 😭

    Twitter: @javroar


    my bank blocked my card because of a security threat. it was me, buying a mattress, at 2 am. i am my own biggest threat

    Twitter: @drivingmemadi


    Our system is shit. I’m 24 and only have two years left on my moms health insurance. Then, I have to find a new mother

    Twitter: @hannaljungholm


    me at any house party: 💃🏾 how much is ur rent ?????

    Twitter: @sharloola


    You: Flights are ridiculous. Let’s take a road trip Gas prices:

    Twitter: @Denita_fit


    the government should provide every girl with a $300 monthly stipend for her little beverages

    Twitter: @nicolerichle


    I love going out and not spending my money 😩 I just bring my wallet just in case

    Twitter: @itssaniibabie


    Money doesn’t impress me Giving it to me does

    Twitter: @Annabllebitch7

    LOL. How are you coping in these times? Do you have any tips that have helped you save money? Let us know in the comments below!