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    33 Times Parents Hilariously Failed At Texting

    Nobody: ... My mom: "Ok 👍."

    1. This accidental mom text:

    2. This dad who screenshotted a picture of a link — instead of, you know, sending the link:

    3. This conversation that's very much all over the place:

    4. This mom who just realized voice-to-text really picks up everything:

    5. And this mom who had no idea:

    6. This "I love you" text that was apparently an accident:

    7. This excessive use of emojis:

    8. These mysterious texts:

    9. This dad who likes bear mimes (not bear ~memes~):

    10. This dad who desperately needs autocorrect:

    11. This use of "0K":

    12. And these one-word answers:

    Moms really like using "OK."

    13. This mom who REALLY likes texting:

    14. This confusing keyboard:

    15. This mom who's trying to figure out this delivery message on her ~I_pad~:

    16. This mom who DID learn how to put text on pictures — and is putting the skill to good use:

    17. This sad text...shared in the middle of a Words With Friends game:

    18. These s p a c e s :

    19. These parents who really love these ~graphics~ 🐳🐮:

    20. These REALLY URGENT messages:

    21. This voice command that's really just not working:

    22. This mom who can text now:

    23. This 60th birthday text:

    24. This dad who doesn't feel the need to correct everything:

    25. This cutting-edge use of emoji:

    26. All of this:

    27. These cryptic messages:

    28. This dad who can't get out of voice-to-text:

    29. And these jumbled messages:

    30. This dinner menu:

    31. This jokey mom who wants to figure out the upside-down smile emoji 🙃:

    32. This mom who replied to her own text:

    33. And finally, this actually wholesome Siri message:

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