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21 Hilarious Olympic Memes That We’ll Never Forget

From the Tonga flag bearer to #PhelpsFace.

The Tokyo Olympics are here!!! And of course, people can't stop talking about it. BUT we can't forget all the memorable moments from previous Olympic Games that turned into hilarious memes that we still cherish to this day.

Fireworks during the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony

So please enjoy some of the best Olympic memes of all time:

1. Olympian Pita Taufatofua during the Rio 2016 opening ceremony — aka, the Tonga flag bearer who caught everyone's attention:

Mom: Where's he from? Me: Tonga Mom: Ah, my new favorite country... #TongaFlagBearer

Paul Gilham / Getty Images / Twitter: @oliviadimambro

2. And YES, he was Tonga's flag bearer at this year's opening ceremony — and for that, we are grateful:

Rio 2016 ✅ PyeongChang 2018 ✅ Tokyo 2020✅ If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 😎 #OpeningCeremony #Tokyo2020

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images / Dan Istitene / Getty Images / Hannah McKay - Pool / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @Olympics

3. Michael Phelps' grumpy game face in 2016 while one of his rivals, South Africa's Chad le Clos, warmed up nearby:

When you know you're going to see this meme for the next month. #PhelpsFace

Twitter: @M_A_Larson

4. Oh, and that moment Chad realized he was losing to Michael Phelps during the 200-meter butterfly race:

Best. Meme. EVER. @MichaelPhelps #Olympics

Twitter: @tkradio

5. And of course, McKayla Maroney's unimpressed face in 2012 after winning silver in the vault finals — which was equally as iconic as #PhelpsFace:

Michael Phelps wins the gold for best meme of the 2016 Olympics, defending champ McKayla Maroney still not impressed

THOMAS COEX / AFP / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @alibgoode

6. The 2016 Olympic diving pool...which randomly turned green and became a viral hashtag:

Now why is that #Olympics2016 diving pool green I wonder? #greenpool

7. Olympic sprinter Shaunae Miller's dive for gold in Rio...

Winning a running race by flying. I like this girl! #ShaunaeMiller #Rio2016

8. ...which could be used for just about anything:

Me trying to save the semester every time. #ShaunaeMiller #Olympics

9. Any and all diving faces:

10. Gymnast Laurie Hernandez's unforgettable wink:

The Laurie Hernandez pre-routine wink at the judges is the biggest power move in Olympic history.

Twitter: @ConnorLagore

11. Only use when necessary ;)

When you see your crush from across the room! 😉💅🏽🇺🇸 ... #LaurieHernandez #Olympics

Twitter: @JulissaB

12. Aly Raisman's parents being restless while watching her compete:

Aly Raisman's parents stress me out more than anything! #leanback #Rio2016 #olympics #usa 😕

Twitter: @BobGearing

13. "CAN Richard Funk?" — aka, the unintentional question posed when Canadian swimmer Richard Funk appeared on screen:

14. Also, Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse's look of disappointment:

15. And his and Usain Bolt's wholesome exchange during a race:

Just two dudes having a friendly chat while running a 19.78 200m

16. Oh, and that time Ryan Lochte became a meme after he falsely reported a robbery in Rio:

Can't wait for Ryan Lochte to star in the live-action remake of this Disney classic.

Twitter: @blackmon

17. Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui's excitement after winning bronze in 2016:

We all have this one friend when taking photos... (Seriously though, how awesome is Fu Yuanhui??)

FRANCOIS XAVIER MARIT / AFP via Getty Images / Via Twitter: @Gaohmee

18. She was literally living her best life, and everyone loved to see it:

Our swimmers are great, but Fu Yuanhui from China is easily my favorite.

19. Cupping — aka, a practice in traditional Chinese medicine that many athletes use to relieve pain — hence those circular bruises on Michael Phelps's body that confused the internet:

Honestly, this cupping thing is getting out of control.

Alexander Vilf / Sputnik via AP / Via Twitter: @kendragaylord

(And you've probably noticed a lot more athletes doing it by now!)

20. And finally, Usain Bolt running at lightning speed during the 100-meter dash in Rio:

"Making my way downtown Walking fast Faces pass And I'm home bound" *🎹🎹🎹*

Reuters / Via Twitter: @ClintSmithIII

21. 'Cause, you know, might as well smile while being the fastest man ever:

When you've tricked the world into thinking Justin Gatlin has a chance:

Reuters / Via Twitter: @jessewashington

What's your favorite Olympic meme of all time? Let us know in the comments below!