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    23 Small, Medium, And Large Mistakes Employees Made That I Genuinely Can't Stop Laughing At

    I think they might get fired for this...

    1. This person who installed these steps:

    steps go to a window instead of the door

    2. This person who was in charge of this warning label:

    smoking is a major cause of stronke

    3. Whoever was responsible for this desk lamp's "on/off" button:

    label says no instead of on

    4. This person who was supposed to let you know this plate is microwavable, but...:

    sticker says microwave available

    5. This retail employee who dressed this mannequin:

    someone put a folded shirt on the mannequin instead of dressing it

    6. This cable guy who decided not to move the hula hoop:

    hoola hoop is stuck behind a cable

    7. This person who made a very deceitful packaging label, like which meat is it?!:

    turkey breast made of australian pork

    8. The person who made this electric stove:

    the burners are off set from their mark

    9. This grocery store employee who put this together:

    bin full of watermelons with a label for onions

    10. This person who baked these chocolate chip cookies:

    chocolate chips piled on top of cookies

    11. Whoever installed this faucet:

    water doesn't go into the sink

    12. Whoever was in charge of making this cheap toilet paper — and left SPLINTERS in it:

    a large splinter in the toilet paper


    13. This mislabeled door:

    push door labeled pull

    14. This person who stocked this vending machine:

    none of the chips are on the shelf

    15. This person who installed these bathroom stall doors:

    the doors don't cover the toilets so they're exposed

    16. This person who covered this manhole:

    square cover on top of the circle hole

    17. This person who installed a dryer that can't even open all the way:

    door stuck at the wall

    18. This person who made this very confusing toy:

    puzzle labeled with different shapes and number that don't match the shape they are

    19. This person who placed these upside-down building numbers:

    27 upside down

    20. This person who made a fortune-less fortune cookie:

    broken cookie with no fortune

    21. This person who decorated this birthday cake, which is supposed to say, "grandma":

    happy birthday and the rest is not legible

    22. This delivery person who didn't handle this package "with care":

    handle with care package is ripped

    23. And finally, this store employee who organized the "stomach relief" section:

    aisle for scissors and calculators labeled as stomach relief


    H/T: r/NotMyJob and r/onejob