17 People Who Made Hilarious, Unlucky, And Ridiculous Mistakes At Work This Month

    Look...they did their best!!!

    1. Whoever assembled this $11 brisket sandwich:

    Open sandwich with just a few small pieces of chopped meat and sliced pickles on a bun

    2. The person who built this in the middle of the sidewalk:

    a stone garden in the middle of the sidewalk

    3. The employee who put a SCREW in this pizza:

    Burnt pizza with a screw on top


    A close-up of the burnt pizza with a drawn circle highlighting the screw

    4. And this person who delivered this $40 order of pizza and breadsticks:

    Pizza with a variety of toppings that's been smushed in an open box

    5. All these employees who "insist" on using their own toilet paper roll:

    A bathroom with a bunch of toilet paper rolls

    6. The person who was in charge of these 1-tsp measuring spoons that were supposed to be the same size:

    A hand holding two metal 1 teaspoon measuring spoons, with one visibly larger than the other

    7. The employee who labeled these tomatoes:

    Tomatoes on sale in a grocery store, with a misplaced sign for broccoli above

    8. Whoever installed this confusing crosswalk:

    Pedestrian crossing button with instructions "PUSH BUTTON FOR WALK SIGNAL" with the arrow on the sign pointing left in one direction, but the button point right, in the opposite direction

    9. The person who installed this kitchen sink:

    Kitchen sink with a raggedly cut-out area of the counter

    10. The worker who mounted this fire extinguisher:

    Fire extinguisher mounted on a wall next to an alarm box

    11. The person who "delivered" this package and uploaded proof:

    The image shows a doorstep mat with no package in sight, with the text "Proof of delivery" at the top

    12. Whoever installed this light and basketball net *right* by each other (aka an accident just waiting to happen):

    Basketball hoop mounted on a wall with a hanging lamp above, in an outdoor covered area

    13. These workers who refinished the floors over this person's strand of hair:

    A piece of hair on a patterned floor

    14. The employee who filled these "jelly beans":

    Candy corn in a jar of "jelly beans"

    15. The employee who handed over this paint color that does NOT, in fact, match the tester (on top):

    A wall with two paint swatches: the tester paint color that's significantly darker than the actually paint color on the bottom

    16. This employee who sent the wrong cable — after two weeks of waiting — to this customer who has an iPhone 15:

    USB-C cable on a wooden desk, partially coiled, with a lamp base in the background

    17. And finally, whoever placed this sewer cap:

    A person's hand pointing to a path with the sewer cap that is lined up incorrectly with the sidewalk

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating and r/onejob