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    Drake Shared Another Adorable Photo Of His Son, And I'm Still Recovering From How Precious It Is

    The Drake and Adonis content we needed.

    This goes without saying, but Drake's son, Adonis, is one of the cutest and coolest kids on the block.

    After Drake started sharing photos of Adonis earlier this year, the 3-year-old has graced his father's Instagram quite a few times, and every time, my heart is happy.

    Adonis's mom, Sophie Brussaux, has also shared photos of him on Instagram — and the content is equally as wholesome.

    Just yesterday, Drake shared some photos of him and Adonis on his Instagram story, capturing the sweetest father-son moment.

    Disney–ABC Domestic Television

    In the new photos, it seems like Drake is helping Adonis get ready for bed as he helps him tie a durag — Drake smiling and Adonis sitting peacefully — it's just...pure joy.

    Drake ties a silk durag on Adonis's head while Adonis sits on a bed
    Instagram: @champagnepapi

    They have their bedtime haircare routine down PAT!

    To make the moment even sweeter, Drake's mom, Sandi Graham, also made an appearance in another photo — watching her son and grandson do their thing.

    Drake continues to tie Adonis's durag as Drake's mom, Sandi Graham, watches nearby

    Drake is happy.

    A close-up photo of Drake's content smile as he ties the durag

    Adonis is happy.

    An up-close photo of young Adonis as he waits for Drake to finish tying the durag

    Sandi is happy.

    Drake's mom, Sandi Graham, watches peacefully

    What else could we ask for?


    I don't know about you, but I definitely need more Drake and Adonis content in my life!

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