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Which Dating/Relationship Things Are Considered "Normal" But Shouldn't Be?

Should we put an end to ghosting? 👻

Dating and relationships can be TOUGH. And there are some things that are considered "normal" but honestly shouldn't be.

An unhappy couple folding their arms and not talking after an argument
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So, tell us: What are some things that come up in dating and relationships that should be de-normalized?

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Like, maybe you're over the fact that people ghost when they don't want to see someone anymore instead of being honest with them.


Or perhaps you think rules like "playing hard to get" or waiting three days to call after a first date are pretty lame.

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Or maybe you believe being with your S.O. 24/7 shouldn't be a "normal" thing — in fact, you think it can be toxic.

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Whatever your opinions are, we want to know! In the comments below, tell us which things about dating/relationships should be de-normalized — and WHY — for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!