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Doodle On These Converse Shoes And We’ll Guess If You're A Gen Z'er, Millennial, Gen X'er, Or Boomer

Grab your Sharpies.

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Remember in middle school when people would doodle on their Converse shoes to customize them, and they basically turned out like this???

A pair of Converse low tops filled with colorful doodles and handwritten messages
Flickr: Lauren / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: attercop311

Extra points if your friends wrote on them.

Well, in this quiz, you get to relive your Converse-loving days by ~virtually~ doodling on your sneakers. At the end, we'll try to guess your generation. Here's the pair of Converses you'll be working with today:

A classic pair of Converse low top sneakers

Now let's get to ~work~!!!

  1. Pick a main color marker for your doodles:

  2. Pick a random phrase to write on your shoes:

  3. Choose an iconic cartoon character to doodle:

  4. Pick a random symbol to draw:

  5. Now choose a food:

  6. Pick a pattern:

  7. Lastly, pick some shoelaces to finish off your look:

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