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    24 People Shared Their Controversial Food Opinions, And I’m Equally Grossed Out And Curious

    "Chocolate and ice cream are a match made in hell."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their controversial opinions about popular foods. Here are the controversial results:

    1. "Mayo makes everything taste better. I'll put it on anything — sandwiches, salads, pizza, steak, you name it. I don't even mind the weirded-out looks I get anymore."



    2. "Avocados suck. They have almost no taste, and the texture is absolutely atrocious. Eating them feels like vomit going the wrong way."


    3. "Potatoes are the WORST. Texture? Mealy and crumbly. Taste? Starchy and bland. No one will ever be able to convince me otherwise."


    4. "Bacon is overrated. It smells exactly like urine. Bacon is basically piss."


    5. "Milk before cereal is the right way to make cereal. It's the only way I eat it!"


    okay so i poured the milk first and the cereal afterwards, 30 seconds later i died? please be careful and let this be a lesson

    6. "Eggs are disgusting. They smell disgusting; they taste disgusting; and they even feel disgusting."


    7. "There is absolutely no other way to eat fried chicken than to dip it in peanut butter."


    8. "Pizza is overrated. Once you’ve had one slice, you've had 'em all, no matter the topping."


    9. "Dipping pizza crust in soda is so good. Any kind of crust works — even garlic."


    10. "Putting pineapple and banana peppers on pizza makes it so much better."


    Tornado98 / Getty Images

    11. "Ranch dressing is vile, and putting it on pizza is disrespectful to pizza."


    12. "Chocolate and ice cream are a match made in hell."


    13. "Mint chocolate and peppermint chocolate are trash combinations. They do not belong together. The only places for mint and peppermint are toothpaste, gum, and candy canes."


    14. "Apples and mayonnaise are really good together. It's like strawberries and yogurt."


    15. "Coffee tastes like what gasoline smells like."


    when someone tells me that coffee is gross

    16. "Raspberries on barbecue Pringles is a good snack. Please don't judge me."


    17. "Shrimp is gross. I don't mind other seafood, but the texture of shrimp is just WRONG."

    "It reminds me of cartilage. I feel like Hannibal Lecter eating someone's nose."


    18. "Hot sauce makes pancakes taste even better. Pancakes are just carbs in a circle, so why not make them savory?"


    19. "Why is kale so popular? It's disgusting and makes your poop a weird color."



    20. "The pink Starbursts are the worst. Give me the orange or yellow ones any day, but keep the pink ones away from me."


    21. "Ketchup is dreadful and ruins everything it touches."


    22. "Guacamole isn’t good. You want guacamole over salsa or queso or literally anything else?"


    23. "Kombucha tastes like fermented puke, and you couldn’t get me to drink it even if it had magical properties. It is disgusting."


    brittany_broski / TikTok / Via

    24. "This is going to sound gross, but a peanut butter sandwich in a bowl with oyster stew on top is really good. A strange and polarizing combo, yet it works."


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    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.