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Tell Us About Your Favorite Part-Time Job Or Side Hustle In College

We wanna know the best ways to make extra cash in college.

Being a college student is overwhelmingly expensive — and many students look for creative and easy ways to save and make money during their college years.

So, if you had a favorite part-time job or side hustle in college, we want to hear about it!

group of students studying outside

Like, maybe you started a fun, small business based on a hobby you love, like baking — and you sold your products to classmates and even ended up catering for bigger events around campus.

hands pouring sprinkles on cupcakes

Perhaps you tried out a service like Uber Eats, and you think it helped you make extra cash on the side and worked well with your busy schedule.

someone on a bike deliver uber eats

Perhaps you worked at a cool place off campus — like a local coffee shop or museum — and you can share why you felt it was the best job for you as a college student.

barista writing on a coffee cup

Or maybe you had an on-campus job you really loved, like working at the library or in the admissions office, and you can talk alllll about your experience — and you can give tips to other students looking for jobs on campus.

admin giving a tour to students

Whatever it is, we want to know! In the comments below, tell us about your favorite side hustle or part-time job you had in college — and why you loved it. The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!