Ciara And Russell Wilson’s Newborn Son Looks A Lot Like Russell, And It’s Adorable

    Baby Win? More like Russell's twin.

    In wholesome news, Ciara and Russell Wilson recently shared this video of their newborn son Win, and I, quite frankly, love every second of it.

    Win Harrison Wilson entered this world on July 23 and has been spreading lots of cuteness ever since.

    In the Instagram video, Russell and Ciara have some late-night family time with Win, who's just hanging out, 100% chill, in his father's arms.

    Russell holds baby Win who stares innocently at the camera

    Russell captioned the post: "'Sir Win!' Late Nights! Team No Sleep!" And even though they're losing sleep, Ciara remarks a few times in the video about how "precious" Win is — and I completely agreed with her every time.

    Win looks adorable in his father's arms as Ciara gushes over him

    She also noted that fact in the comments, in case you couldn't see that, you know, Win is very precious.

    One thing a few people pointed out is the fact that baby Win is already starting to resemble his father. A fan commented: "OMG He's so precious! Did Russ personally birth him lol? My [gosh] they are twins."

    The fan's ecstatic twin comment under Russell's video

    Other fans seemed to agree:

    Another fan's comment: "He's adorable now you have twins lol beautiful family"
    Another comment: "Russell holding an infant version of himself omg"

    And, hey, I'm also seeing a little twinning moment here! For starters, Win has quite a full head of hair like his father, which is pretty impressive for a 1-month-old.

    Russell and Win both face the camera, and we can see their similar facial features

    As shown in the video, Russell is loving his twin, and he even joked with Ciara that he's already ready for more children.

    Russell says, "Need to have more of these little things"

    Congrats to the couple, and cheers to all the late nights to come!