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    Billie Eilish Finally Joined TikTok And Her Username Is Even More Unique Than Her Videos Themselves

    It's about time.

    Finally, the time has come. Billie Eilish has joined fellow celebrities and millions of other people in uploading videos on TikTok.

    Billie Eilish holds numerous awards at the 2020 Grammy Awards

    Last night, I opened my app like usual, and to my surprise, an original video of Billie showed up on my "For You" page — and let me tell you, her content is gold.

    Billie Eilish records a video of herself using the popular Time Warp Scan filter on TikTok

    Billie's first video, which was uploaded two days ago, features the singer using the ever-popular Time Warp Scan on the app to do the "perfect nose" trend — aka, where people use the effect to see what they would look like with a nose job:

    The Time Warp Scan effect freezes the video as it passes by, so all you have to do is puff out your cheeks at the right time to create a "perkier nose" — and voilà, there you have it. Usually the results range from funny to quite fascinating.

    TikTokers use the effect to create their new nose

    But anyway, Billie seemed to have quite a laugh with her results.

    Billie uses the effect and laughs at her new nose, which looks dramatically different than her original nose

    So after I saw this video on my page, I jumped to the comments, because, wait, BILLIE EILISH IS ON TIKTOK???? And fans seemed quite excited as well:

    Fans freak out over the fact that Billie joined TikTok with comments like "Welcome to TikTok, Billie"

    In fact, lots of verified creators commented in excitement — including influencers like James Charles:

    James Charles comments: "Oh my god lmao"

    But I think one of the most hilarious things about this — as many pointed out in the comments — is her choice in username, which is, um, *puts on glasses*:


    Billie Eilish's TikTok page with two videos, featuring her memorable username: coochiedestroyer5

    Nevertheless, Billie's second video — the only other TikTok she's uploaded to her profile so far — is even better than the first:

    "Do you guys remember when I was 15, and I fit an entire ukulele head in my mouth? Should we see if I can do it again?" she asks.

    Billie smiles cheekily as she talks to the camera

    And she does it.

    Billie hilariously fits the ukulele head in her mouth, which is both disturbing and comical, then reacts in shock afterwards

    Welp, there you have it! Billie Eilish is uploading TikTok videos, her username is @coochiedestroyer5, her literal name on her profile is "Tik Toker," and she's gained over 3 million followers after two videos in two days.

    Billie's profile page on TikTok, with no profile photo but a ton of followers and a hilarious username

    She's just enjoying being her silly self! Yay!

    Billie laughs on stage during the 2020 BRIT Awards