13 Times People Got Away With Sweet, Sweet Revenge

    Nothing like sweet, sweet revenge...

    We recently wrote a post about the pettiest things people have done for revenge inspired by this Reddit thread. In the comments, many of our readers from the BuzzFeed Community shared even more hilarious and unpredictable revenge stories. Here are some of the wildest ones:

    1. This egg-cellent snack:

    Someone about to eat a cracked hard-boiled egg

    2. These dirty boxers:

    "When I first got married, my husband would leave his boxers on the bathroom floor EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. After asking, begging, and threading violence to get him to put his boxers in the laundry basket, I just got sick of it and started wrapping his dirty drawers around his pillow every time he left them on the floor. I haven’t seen boxers on the floor for 19 years now ;)."


    3. These NASTY Oreos:

    "I had an ex-boyfriend in high school who came up to me at lunch and accused me of making up a rumor about him (I didn’t and still to this day have no idea what he was talking about) and then screamed/humiliated me in front of the entire cafeteria. A few weeks later — in the middle of winter — my friends went outside during lunch and spit chewed up Oreos all over his white Neon. By the time he found it, they were frozen to the car. That’s friendship right there."


    4. This petty grocery purchase:

    A shopper picks up milk at the grocery store

    5. This math class cheater:

    "Back when I was in high school, there was a kid in my math class who decided to...cheat off my tests. I was in a huge class, the teacher was oblivious, and this kid was aggressive AF.

    So, for our next test, I made a little key for myself: A=D, C=B, etc. I filled out the test, waited for him to turn his in and leave, then quickly changed the answers back. ... A few days later the dude came up to me in the hall and asked how I did on the math test. 'Oh, terrible. I think I failed. I'm not really very good at math.' Last time he ever tried to cheat off me."


    6. These special brownies:

    "Back when my mom was in school, she said someone would always steal both her brothers' lunches. So, one day, my grandma made brownies and put laxatives in them. Their lunch never got stolen again."


    7. This parking note:

    A note on someone's windshield

    8. This unhelpful spouse:

    "My husband plays games on his phone instead of helping around the house and with his kids. This is after YEARS of me asking nicely/begging. We now use a router that I bought. I throttled the speed for his phone only."


    9. This delayed divorce:

    "Dealing with a cheating husband who claimed that he would file for divorce, but he totally didn’t want to until I threatened to do it. Then, he dragged on taking the paperwork to court to file. So I decided that I would celebrate his mistress’s birthday by pissing him off all day. I deliberately texted him about little things I knew would piss him off (especially if I included the mistress’s name, lol), and when he was good and mad, I sent him the TikTok video I found of them together. He sent another vague apology for cheating on me for 14 years, so I laughed that off. It pissed him off so much, HE TOOK THE DIVORCE PAPERWORK TO COURT AND FILED! He then gave me a sob story about how he 'mourns his marriage ending,' which I laughed off again and said that it was his own doing and to also thank the mistress for her help. He then blocked my phone. It was the most petty thing I’ve ever done, but well worth the effort!"


    10. This temporary Mother's Day gift:

    A bouquet of flowers with a card that reads, "Mom"

    11. This toilet paper shortage:

    "My ex-brother-in-law was emotionally and mentally abusive to my sister. He had irritable bowel disease and spent a lot of time on the toilet doing his *business*, and he had stocked up on toilet paper when everyone was buying them at the start of the pandemic. So, when she decided to leave him, I helped her move out, and we took the whole stash of toilet paper. Now, whenever she needs a laugh, I send her a picture of toilet paper."


    12. This office chair confrontation:

    "I had a coworker who used to constantly adjust my desk chair if she ever needed to use my computer — no matter how many times I asked her to either roll her own chair over or just stand for the brief time she used my computer. I have a hip full of arthritis, so it would always send a jolt of pain down my leg and up my back whenever I'd slam into my suddenly readjusted seat. One morning, before she came in, she changed my seat again, so I sat in hers, lowered it as low as it would go, then enjoyed the look of shock on her face as she fell an extra 6 inches or so into her chair when she went to sit. I said something dumb like, 'Oh wow, did someone change your chair? So weird. I wonder who did that.' And she never adjusted my chair again."


    13. And these ~spicy~ cookies:

    "Decades ago, when my father was in high school, the school bully kept stealing his cookies from his lunch. After this happened a few times, my dad and grandma got together and made a special batch of cookies — basic sugar cookies with glorious red frosting. The red in the frosting was from cayenne pepper."


    Time to spill. What's the pettiest thing YOU'VE ever done for revenge? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.