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16 Parents Who Made Small, Innocent Decisions That Turned Into Hilarious Mistakes

Honestly, these parents made my 2022 a bit brighter.

1. This dad whose voice-to-text message went completely out of control:

2. This mom who accidentally set this chargeable self-heating mug on fire...by microwaving it:

3. This dad who didn't exactly answer this Venmo question???

4. This mom who's just keeping up-to-date with the latest internet lingo:

5. This dad who accidentally posted his son's girlfriend on his Instagram story — but apparently doesn't even use Instagram:

6. This mom who decided to spray paint the microwave (yes, you read that correctly) to match this table:

The microwave is painted copper to match the copper table

7. This dad who forgot all about these boiled eggs:

8. This mom who may not have realize she, in fact, did not delete her Netflix account:

9. This dad who worked really hard all summer growing this watermelon...only to discover this:

10. This mom's creative — and frantic — way to send a message when her phone keyboard isn't working:

11. This dad who may have slipped up a few times during work meetings...:

12. This mom's sporadic and cryptic emails about TV shows:

13. This dad's note to excuse his son from P.E. that makes me laugh...and wonder if the dad actually wrote it:

14. This mom who's HAD it with Facebook:

15. This dad who is using Saran wrap or something??? to protect his phone screen — instead of, well, a screen protector:

16. And finally, this mom who picked up the wrong candles — but had an innovative solution:

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