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13 Times Keke Palmer Broke The Internet And Proved She's The Funniest Celebrity In Hollywood

"Baby, this is Keke Palmer."

It's no secret that actor, singer, and TV personality Keke Palmer is one of the funniest celebs around. I mean, she basically invents viral memes every other day just by being herself.

Keke Palmer wears a sparkly gown at the 2021 Met Gala

Here are 13 funny Keke Palmer moments that became hilarious memes we'll never forget:

1. When Keke didn't know who Dick Cheney was while taking Vanity Fair's lie detector test, and her brutally honest reply became a meme:

Keke sees a photo of Dick Cheney and says, "I hate to say it and I hope I don't sound ridiculous, but I don't know who this man is"

"Sorry to this man."

“Didn’t you use to talk to—“ Me:

Twitter: @TheBaddestMitch

2. THEN, Keke assured everyone she does indeed know *this* man (referring to John Hughes) when answering a question on the Strahan, Sara & Keke show:

please watch Keke Palmer yelling "I KNOW THIS MAN" about John Hughes..... and keep watching to see them mention "sorry to this man"

Twitter: @mattryanx

And of course, it became a meme of its own:

I know this man vs I don't know who this man is

Twitter: @eddymark19

3. That time Keke interviewed Megan Thee Stallion at the Met Gala and gave us "I know it ain't the Stallion," which became a super-viral sound on TikTok.

Keke spots Megan on the red carpet and says, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! I know it ain’t, I know it ain’t the Stallion; you know it’s your girl!

Watch the full clip here:

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Selena K / YouTube / Vogue / Via youtube.com

4. When Keke gave us the iconic "but the gag is," which can be used in almost any situation:

Watch her breakdown of the famous line here:

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NBC / Via youtube.com

5. That time she started doing her Southern Belle insults, which have their very own TikTok page.

I've been really obsessing over Keke Palmer acting out Southern Belle insults. 🤣

Twitter: @blythe_buhle

6. Like, the fan alone is its own meme:

7. When Bachelorette alum Mike Johnson kinda asked Keke out during an episode of Strahan, Sara & Keke, and she was actually left speechless:

Mike Johnson says, "I made a mistake; I don’t like dating in public, but if I were to ask you if we could go on a date…" and Keke widens her eyes in shock, left without words

Watch the full clip here:

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Strahan, Sara and Keke / ABC / Via youtube.com

8. When Keke gave her impersonation of Angela Bassett crying in What's Love Got to Do With It while she was on The Queen Latifah Show:

Keke pretends to cry hysterically on the show

Watch the full clip here:

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Fox / Via youtube.com

9. That time Keke went viral for her other celeb impressions on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon — which included Shakira and Cher:

Keke sings a Shakira song, and lyrics pop up as text on the screen: "Whenever, wherever, we're meant to be together"

Watch the full clip here:

10. That time she lost it during her own talk show, Just Keke, when her celeb crush, Michael Ealy, surprised her with a bouquet of flowers:

Keke says, "I saw him at the 'Think Like a Man Too' premiere a few weeks ago, and I tried to keep my cool, but he is too fine" and then screams when she sees Michael appearing with flowers from behind

Watch the full clip here:

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BET / Via youtube.com

11. When Keke gave all kinds of memeworthy reactions while eating spicy wings during her first appearance on Hot Ones.

Keke starts sweating after eating a hot wing, and widens her eyes

Watch the full interview here:

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First We Feast / Via youtube.com

12. Those times she hilariously captured a "2000s mom" on TikTok:


Those angles HIT differently with a flip phone 😶😏 #tbt

♬ Goodies (feat. Petey Pablo) - Ciara

13. Finally, when the internet gave us the beloved "Baby, this is Keke Palmer" meme after this photo Keke shared on Twitter from her Akeelah and the Bee era circulated the internet:

No one: Absolutely no one at all: My brain: “...Baby, this is Keke Palmer.”

Vera Anderson / WireImage / Getty Image

And, of course, she had to play into the joke herself:

What's your favorite Keke Palmer meme or viral moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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