People Are Opening Up About The Hardest Parts Of Adulthood, And Wow, It's Thought-Provoking

    "I moved out five months ago, and it's hard to support myself on minimum wage. My meals are always a struggle; I just barely get by."

    Recently, Redditor u/RowBowBooty asked the internet, "What is one thing that you don’t like about adult life?" People opened up about the struggles they face in adulthood, and honestly, it's really thought-provoking. Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "The cost of living and supporting myself on minimum wage."

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    2. "Realizing the impermanence of everything you do."

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    3. "Figuring out what to make/eat for dinner every day of your life."

    A man holding a fork and knife

    4. "The unlearning of the lessons drilled into us as kids about fairness and equality."

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    5. "Feeling pressured to have sex."

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    6. "There's never enough time off. It's work, work, work almost the whole year with a couple of weeks where you can relax for a second and catch your breath."

    A man looks tired at work in front of piles of boxes

    7. "Filing taxes."

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    8. "I really hate those moments where I get a reality check about my childhood/teenage years. Since becoming an adult, I’ve been noticing problems in my family I would have never been able to see with my childhood naivety."

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    9. "Chores. They take up so much time if you don’t want to live like you're in a pigpen."

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    10. "Honestly, a big one is having to relearn a lot of things that I thought I’d never need in school when I was younger. Turns out, you do end up using a lot of it, just not in the ways you expected."

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    11. "Dealing with other emotionally incompetent adults just pisses me off. Like, seriously, my kids are more mature than some of my colleagues."

    A woman massaging her temples at her desk

    12. "Like…the kitchen is just always dirty. I clean and clean, and I look up, and the sink is full of dishes again. It never ends."

    A sink full of dirty dishes

    13. "I think the toughest part is realizing that life can be absolutely brutal for no reason and out of nowhere."

    A girl looking tired and overwhelmed sitting outside on steps

    14. "Yard work. It’s the absolute worst."

    Man pushing a lawn mower

    15. "Money. Money sucks, and I hate having to worry about it all the time."

    Hands counting a stack of money

    16. "It's frustrating how people expect you to have your sh*t together, even though we all know none of us truly have our sh*t together all the time."

    Woman tying her shoe

    17. "No summers off. I would cut my salary in half for that."

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    18. "Having the knowledge, but not the time, energy, or enthusiasm to learn all the cool stuff you always wanted to know how to do as a kid."

    Man playing the guitar

    19. "Knowing the fact that one day, you won't have your parents to help you anymore."

    A father and his son laughing near a fence

    20. "People/jobs expect you to not have a life outside of work."

    An exhausted nurse sitting on the floor

    21. And finally: "The next step seems so far away. There was always the next grade level, or next school (middle school, then high school, then college). The next graduation, the next step up. Suddenly, retirement is the next step, which is 40 years away."

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    What are some other things you don't like about adult life? Let us know in the comments below.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.