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    17 Awkward Moments You’ve Definitely Had If You’re Currently Single

    "January 2020: I will find that special someone this year."

    From first date horror stories to constantly being asked about your relationship status, there are a lot of experiences us single folks can relate to.


    And people often forget that you CAN be single and happy!

    People on TikTok just so happen to capture the experience of being single quite well. So here are some funny and oddly specific TikToks you might just relate to if you’re currently single.

    1. When wedding season starts, and it just doesn't...stop.

    A TikToker says, "Can you believe it’s already wedding season?" and then adds, "It lasts your whole early twenties and late twenties"
    @dxnielbennett / Via

    based on a true story #wedding #married #couples #single #bar #weddingseason #vibing

    ♬ original sound - Daniel Bennett

    2. Oh, and attending weddings is ✨ expensive ✨.

    This person says, "I’ve been to 34 weddings over the past five years; I’ve been in 19 of those weddings"
    @averagetyler / Via

    It adds up.


    Que the 27 dresses comments #fyp #single

    ♬ original sound - tyler williams

    "The amount of money that I spent celebrating other people’s love is enough for a down payment on a nice house."

    3. That time you thought you were being smooth on a first date, but you were actually just being awkward.

    A TikToker nervously eats popcorn on a movie date with the captions "I'm so nervous," then "Luckily he can't see me if I look at him from the side," and finally, "omg he's looking at me"
    @unusualbeaut / Via

    I 100% did this one time 😂😂😂😂 omggg #cringe #icantwithmyself #soembarrassing #firstdate #sneaky #iseeyou #lol #ugh #dating #movietheatre #stare

    ♬ original sound - Anna

    4. Sometimes, impressing your crush with your sense of humor doesn’t work.

    Someone sends a Snapchat with their wet hair shaped into an L with the text "L is for the way you look at me" and their crush responds "What the hell goes through your mind on a daily basis"
    @allisonvenz / Via

    "He blocked me."


    He blocked me #fyp #foryou #crush #love#dating #college #LetsFaceIt #elfMagicAct

    ♬ V is for vicious - Mr.Goosafer

    5. Whenever you're out in public, you think everyone is secretly in love with you.

    Two TikTokers go out for drinks with the captions "us at a bar thinking everyone is in love with us" and "acting mysterious whilst sipping out cocktails"
    @drearhian / Via

    we will never stop romanticising our lives x #lanadelrey #fyp

    ♬ Mariners Apartment Complex - Lana Del Rey

    6. Rom-coms just don't really work the same way in real life.

    This TikToker says, "Hey, I like you" and then pretends to be his crush responding with "I like you too" and then suddenly "Listen, I don't do relationships"
    @brycexavier / Via

    It's complicated.


    rom coms in real life

    ♬ rom coms in real life - Bryce Xavier

    7. Texting your crush can be a little complex.

    This person says, "What do I saw back? Do I saw hey?" then gives up and says, "I'm just gonna text him tomorrow"
    @shannonfiedler13 / Via

    “Heyyy” #fyp #foryou #dating #comedy #comedyvideo #bff

    ♬ original sound - Shannon Fiedler

    8. And then sometimes — when you finally figure out how to reply — you get left on read.

    A TikToker says, "If you ain't gonna text back, that's fine" then whines in agony with the caption "dies internally"
    @chakiraclark / Via

    Reply to @chakiraclark tehe #FamilyImpression#FallFashion#RedBullDanceYourStyle#rap#relatable#leftonread#fyp#foryou#foryoupage#viral#blowthisup

    ♬ original sound - Chakira

    9. When you have no idea what to do after making eye contact with someone.

    This person's TikTok has the caption: "Me making eye contact with a girl" then "Her looking back" followed by a distressed reaction
    @lucasjgeyer / Via

    Makes my day #fyp

    ♬ Beat it but REVERBED - BlaineAdamsHere

    10. These days, you have to get creative to find your soulmate.

    This person gives a dating hack: "Grocery stores between the hours of 5 and 8 pm"
    @montanadoran / Via

    ~Grocery stores~ here I come.


    2020 dating hack #MyRecommendation #UnwrapTheDeals #single #datingtipsforwomen #datingin2020 #comedy #datingadvice

    ♬ original sound - T A N A

    11. But then not every encounter is like those meet-cute scenes in the movies.

    This person says, "He winked at me like this" then says, "My response" and lets out an awkward growl that was supposed to be cute
    @simnrx / Via

    I ALSO BLAME TIKTOK FOR THIS ........ IT HAS NOW BECOME A PERSONALITY TRAIT..... and if the guy from Tesco’s sees this I could have barked at u ✌🏽😗

    ♬ original sound - Sim💕

    12. Every dating app conversation is just awkwardly generic small talk.

    The caption "Every dating app convo" with the typical dialogue: "You enjoy travel? No way, me too; we're the exact same"
    @bcon102 / Via

    This is what every dating app convo sounds like. #travel #food #hiking #comedy #dating #datingapps #hinge #hingechallenge #bumble #tinder #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Bill Conry

    13. And sometimes, the conversations just don't ~start~.

    @nickstoptalking / Via

    You have to message me if you add me on a dating app #fyp

    ♬ A Moment Apart - ODESZA - Hannah Stater (she/her)

    14. Swiping on profiles starts giving you déjà vu.

    Three different Hinge profiles with the prompt: "I'm overly competitive about" and yet every answer is "everything"
    @paigeraff / Via

    ✨ Everything ✨.


    Don’t worry @ my 8 followers I already have a part 2 ready #hinge #singlelife

    ♬ In This Shirt - The Irrepressibles

    15. Shooting your shot feels like this.

    A bowl of water with pepper flakes labeled "boys" and then a finger dipped into the bowl, making the pepper repel with the caption "me shooting my shot"
    @macypace99 / Via

    16. When you show up to family holiday parties single. Again. ❤️

    This person dances when they arrive at a family party with the caption "showing up to the family holiday parties single yet again"
    @ajbarbar / Via

    Look no hashtags

    ♬ original sound - Micah Ware

    17. And lastly, the fact that you thought 2020 was gonna be ~your year~.

    A TikToker smiles with the caption "January 2020: I will find that special someone this year" then, still single, they smile with slight disappointment with the caption "September 2020"
    @philoof / Via

    2020 said ✨NO✨ 🤡💀😂 #fyp #LOL #bye #lovelife #nonexistent #whidty

    ♬ original sound - .

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