25 Jokes From This Year That We Wouldn't Have Understood Like 10 Years Ago

    "These '20s aren't roaring, man."

    We're six months into 2021, and yeah, it's been quite a year. From the inauguration to the stock market to vaccinations, people on Twitter have been sharing a ton of hilarious jokes and memes to help us get through it all.

    So, here are some of the best tweets this year that wouldn't have made any sense 10 years ago — because let's be honest, times have changed.

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    me checking if I'm muted after a joke bombs on the zoom

    Twitter: @yedoye_


    me: i’m sick of working from home company: come back into the office me: ok that is not what i meant

    Twitter: @50FirstTates


    i love contactless delivery they just throw the slop at your door and i run out like a little pig

    Twitter: @acechhh


    explain it to me now https://t.co/NHFsohXrzM

    Twitter: @ducklikethebird


    "You're really gonna get that vaccine when you don't know what's in it?" sir I don't know whats in anything

    Twitter: @SandwichGhoul


    It is wild to be living through a historic moment every 6 minutes.

    Twitter: @KimekoM


    Twitter: @paulswhtn


    got my $600 stimulus check today, tried to use it to feed my 24 month old & she said “no mommy, use that money to invest in stocks & flip it. there’s rice in the fridge.” so proud of her ❤️

    Twitter: @yxmmers


    quarantine is so boring that yesterday i broke my tooth brush and then last night i had a dream about breaking my tooth brush. it’s the only thing that’s happened all week

    Twitter: @avantnard


    When I say “last year”, I usually mean 2019. My brain refuses to acknowledge 2020.

    Twitter: @mperlaa


    me muted on Zoom, but still doing the most with my expressions to show that I’m listening

    Twitter: @CalumS1991


    Me clicking “leave meeting” while everybody saying bye

    Twitter: @priiish_


    Me logging off slack to my co-workers I've never met in person: https://t.co/uzP6Z4P1Kx

    Twitter: @wtflanksteak


    Types of Days in Quarantine: 1. Good (package came) 2. Bad (paid rent to be like a zoo animal) 3. Grey (used internet) 4. Soup (Body present, mind is soup)

    Twitter: @itsdansheehan


    me eating inside a place for the first time post-vaccine

    Twitter: @Nadia_Shammas_


    In these covid times make sure u have the right temperature

    Twitter: @duttypaul


    ships will literally block the suez canal instead of going to therapy

    Twitter: @PallaviGunalan


    2020: the pandemic is coming you gotta stay inside ME: oh no 2021: the pandemic is ending you gotta go outside ME: OH NO

    Twitter: @ianpauldukes


    working from working from home in home in March 2020 March 2021

    Twitter: @PostCubie


    bank account: +$1400 me at five guys: bring me the 6th guy

    Twitter: @SaeedDiCaprio


    2020 showing 2021 around the workplace

    Twitter: @classicalfuck


    Twitter: @davew97


    Bro I got HBO max, Disney plus, and a air fryer. You not finna talk to me crazy

    Twitter: @__justtommy


    It’s harder to get in a Trader Joe’s during a pandemic than it is the capitol

    Twitter: @BR0WNSGA


    Twitter: @airhazzan