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11 Gifs That Sum Up How It Felt To Not Get Adele Tickets

Long waits and system errors. #hellofromtheoutside

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1. You woke up like this

Storyscape / Via

Ready and determined.

2. 10 a.m. hits and you're dying with joy

adeleadkin / Via

3. You wait for the page to load wishing for the best

im-an-emu / Via

May the odds be ever in my favor.

4. You're hit with a 40 minute wait

Giphy / Via

Sure, I'll wait. Great....

4. Oh, Hey! I'm down to a minute

Giphy / Via

I've got this in the bag.

5. Suddenly the page loads and it says no tickets could be found

Giphy / Via

Don't panick, don't cry we'll search again.

6. Search again, Search again, Search again

miss-moonriver / Via

Don't cry, something will come up.

7. Prove i'm not a robot?

whatidratherdo.tumblr / Via

Really Ticketmaster? REALLY!

8. After multiple attempts it starts to sink in that you're not getting tickets

CBS / Via

What am I to do with myself.

9. You find out people are already selling tickets on StubHub

yourreactiongifs / Via

At $500+ for nose bleed seats.

10. You're left hoping for a Christmas miracle

Giphy / Via

11. This is how you imagine everyone who got tickets feels

BBC / Via

May you cry for us, you lucky ones!

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