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9 Hilarious Names Given To Ann Veal

"Way to plant Ann!"

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3. Egg

Michael: George-Michael, I’m sure that Egg is a very nice person, I just don’t want you spendin’ all your money…

George-Michael: Ann.

Michael [not hearing him]: …gettin’ her all glittered up for Easter, you know?

5. Annabelle

No, I know her name’s not Annabelle. That’s how I remember her name, ’cause her body’s kind of shaped like a... She’s the belle of the ball. - Michael Bluth

7. Bland

Maeby: So, you’re really leaving, huh? Have you told your girlfriend Bland…I mean, Ann?

George-Michael: She’s not my girlfriend. And she’s not bland.

Maeby: Really? Because, I mean, under her school picture it said “not pictured.”

George-Michael: Okay, they printed a retraction in the spring supplement.

8. Yam

George-Michael: I think Ann’s parents are having their party on Bethlehem time, which is pretty early. So maybe I can make an appearance.

Michael: Make an appearance. Uh…uh…No, no, it’s okay. You be with Yam. It’s fine. It’s good.

George-Michael: It’s Ann.

Michael [ignoring]: It’s good. It’s fun.

9. Her?

George-Michael: Oh, I can’t, I’m meeting Ann.

Michael: Who?

George-Michael: Ann.

Michael shakes his head uncomprehendingly.


George-Michael: Oh my God, that’s Ann.

George Sr.: Who?

George-Michael: It’s the girl who ripped my heart out. The girl whose face will always be etched in my mind.

George Sr.: Her?


Gob: Who’s that? That’s his girlfriend?

Michael: Yeah.

Gob: What, is she funny or something?

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