50 Spectacular Moments Of Cher!

Lets turn back time!

1. Here we go

3. Introducing

4. American singer

5. and actress

6. She became prominent in 1965

7. Starring with her husband in the folk rock duo Sonny & Cher; the couple sold 40 million records worldwide

8. She grew and established herself as a successful solo artist

9. Selling 100 million albums on her own

10. During her career we got to know Cher, her Hair, and her Headwear

13. Every Shape

16. Every Color

20. Every Style

26. Cher also collaborates with famous friends

30. Even during interviews, she is original and fabulous

33. And she sure doesn’t take any Sh%t

35. Sense of humor? You decide

41. Did I mention She has an Oscar

42. A Grammy

43. An Emmy

44. And a Golden Globe

45. She is The Goddess of Pop

46. And one of the best-selling music artists of all time

49. The O N E the only C H E R

50. The End

51. Check out her new music video for Woman’s World here

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