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35 Phoebe Buffay Songs From Friends

There was more than Smelly Cat.

1. Love is like a giant pigeon

2. The milk is getting sour

3. My mother's ashes

4. Dead in The Kitchen

5. As Long as you have brain waves

6. Tiny Chubby Children

7. Found Bodies

8. Double-jointed boy

9. I play for me!

10. Lather Rise Repeat

11. Smelly Cat

12. Terry's a jerk!

13. A girl we'll call her Betty

14. That's how we get hamburgers!

15. But DON'T!

16. Bisexuals

17. Grandma

18. The Rats played Maracas

19. Jingle Bitch

20. Sticky Shoes

21. Crazy Underwear

22. Holiday Cheer

23. Little Fetus

24. Little Black Curly Hair

25. It's Time to Say Goodbye!

26. Gay Wedding Day

27. Somebody Else Named Bing!

28. Who'd Gonna?

29. Here All Night

30. Human Spleen

31. Emma!

32. Javu Will Kill You


34. Paper maché man

35. Parading Goats