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    Posted on May 20, 2012

    30 Unforgettable Kristen Wiig Characters


    1. Judy Grimes

    2. Sue

    3. Gilly

    4. Aunt Linda

    5. Lana Del Rey

    6. Yani

    7. Jane Pauley

    8. Kat (of Kat and Garth)

    9. Mindy Gracin

    10. Kris Jenner

    11. Starfish

    12. Madonna

    13. Björk

    14. Target Lady

    15. Elisabeth Hasselback

    16. Suze Orman

    17. Taylor Swift

    18. Penelope

    19. Rebecca Larue

    20. Michele Bachmann

    21. Callista Gingrich

    22. Kathy Lee

    23. Paula Deen

    24. Pam Halpert

    25. Shanna

    26. Real Housewife

    27. Barbie

    28. Judice

    29. Tiny Hat Tycoon

    30. Tan Mom

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