10 Reasons Why Elaine Benes Is Yelling “GET OUT”

Even though she was not featured in the pilot episode of Seinfeld, it did not take long for Elaine Bennes to become a series regular and one of our favorite female characters of all time. As the ex girlfriend of Jerry, Elaine kept up with the boys with her quick wit and no non-sense attitude. Here are 10 reasons Elaine Benes is yelling “Get Out”

1. J Peterman started selling Oversized Blazers/ Jean Jackets for women

2. The Dougie is out and “Little Kicks” is in

3. Sponges are back on the market

4. Nip Slips are no longer done in error

5. Mr. Pitt eventually found the magic eye

6. Patrons are now asking for “The Elaine” haircut

7. Monks is featuring the “Big Salad” as a special

8. Dingo Guilty of Eating Baby

9. David Puddy made an account for Christian Singles

10. J K Rowling is in the midst of writing “War, what is it good for?”

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