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    • lize5

      Hate Ariel’s outfit, made me wonder where the rest of it was…plus she’s barefoot…what the hell?? Lol, her mermaid/Disney days seemed to be more of her character than with the others.Iknow she wasn’t fully clothed in the movie, but she still had…elegance to her. She looks likeastripper :/. Sorry, just my opinion. ButIloved Pochahontas. Love her jacket and style, very well done :), but overallIagree with some of the other comments- the characters do look too trendy and not really like “them” even as students.Imean Belle has dorky glasses- and yeah she loves to read, but it didn’t seem like HER. ButIdidn’t design these or come up with the idea soIguessIcan’t nitpick or complain too much, right?

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