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Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 Has The Most Insane Guest Lineup Ever

Two years ago, Salt Lake Comic Con set the record for the biggest inaugural convention in North America. This year's convention, held September 24-26, will be hosting the most varied and amazing lineup they've had yet, including current stars from some of the world's biggest entertainment franchises. The guest lineup is subject to change and cancellation, and this list is just some of the highlights, but this should give you a taste of what we're in for this year in Salt Lake.

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Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 will be BEYOND epic

Good 4 Utah / Via

Because the guest lineup has ALL THE GOODS!

Salt Lake Comic Con Facebook / Via Facebook: SaltLakeComicCon

We've got Sean Astin

New Line Cinema / Via

Samwise Gamgee, who took Frodo to Mordor

We're also getting Dean O'Gorman

New Line Cinema / Via

Fili, a.k.a Kili's better half

We're getting one of the droids we're looking for

Lucasfilm / Via

Anthony Daniels

James and Oliver Phelps will represent the Potter Nation

Warner Bros. / Via

And who better than the Weasley twins?

Robbie Amell from The Flash will be there

CW / Via

From Once Upon a Time we have Emma Caulfield

ABC/Disney / Via

Who is also a veteran of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Christopher Gorham

ABC/Disney / Via

and Kristin Bauer

ABC/Disney / Via

It's going to turn into a Once Upon a Time party if we're not careful

ABC/Disney / Via

And especially with Sebastian Stan dropping in

The voice actor lineup is pretty rad, too. We've got the Brain

Warner Bros. / Via

Maurice laMarche

The Animaniacs

Warner Bros. / Via

Jess Harnell, Rob Paulsen, and Tress MacNielle

and the Captain Rex the clone commander

Lucasfilm / Via

Dee Bradley Baker voices all of the clone troopers in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and is making a much anticipated return as Rex in Star Wars Rebels this fall

Alex Kingston had to cancel, but SLCC made up for it spectacularly by inviting Jenna Coleman

BBC / Via

From Doctor Who we also have Arthur Darvill

BBC / Via

a.k.a. Rory Williams--Karen Gillian a.k.a. Amy Pond has been a frequent comer to the Salt Lake conventions in the past and she probably put in a good word

and John Barrowman

BBC / Via

a.k.a. Captain Jack Harness

Marina Sirtis from Star Trek TNG will also be returning

Paramount / Via

And, fun fact, Sirtis helped persuade Chris Evans' agent to get him to come.

This time around, SLCC has pulled out all the stops and invited some of your favorite Marvel actors

The one and only Chris Evans, Captain America, is coming on Saturday

Marvel / Via

And Sebastian Stan is coming on Friday

Marvel / Via

Yes, THAT Sebastian Stan

Which means Salt Lake City is getting both STEVE and BUCKY long before Captain America: Civil War comes out

Marvel / Via


Hayley Atwell has promised to crash Chris' panel

Marvel / Via

Because she's Hayley Atwell. a.k.a. Agent Carter a.k.a. THE FREAKING QUEEN. And because Chris likes it. And the fans like it.

Officially, Sebastian Stan will only be there Friday and Chris Evans on Saturday, but if we're lucky...

we'll get a reunion of the awkward date

Marvel / Via

a.k.a. when Clara went out with Bucky

and your Marvel OT3

Marvel / Via

Salt Lake Comic Con is less than a month away, but who knows who else could get invited before then???

We are so happy and excited to have all of these awesome people!

BBC / Via

This will be a con long remembered...

Salt Lake Magazine / Via
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