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10 Reasons Marvel And Harry Potter Are The Most Compatible Fandoms

Or basically the same story. Whichever you choose to believe.

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1. The only thing that comes close to Bouncing Ferret Malfoy in awesomeness is Smashed Loki

Warner Brothers via Gaia Online; Marvel via The Athletic Nerd / Via

For both of these lovable villains, it was the pounding they deserved and would never forget. Divine comeuppance was never well, more, divine (especially in Loki's case).

2. The Hulk is basically a werewolf

Warner Bros./Marvel/Fanpop / Via

The Hulk and the werewolves of the Harry Potter world are both deranged monsters that in their manic states would kill people they otherwise get along with. In their down time, Remus Lupin and Bruce Banner are both admirable, educated people that others fear and mistrust because of their conditions. Also, those of you who have seen "The Incredible Hulk," contacting their blood contaminates you. Need I say more?

3. The Mind Gem is the Imperius Curse

Warner Bros. via Harry Potter Wiki/ Marvel via Movie Metropolis / Via

Both cause your mind to enter a state where you are subject to someone else's control. You are the flying monkey of any dark lord.

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