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12 Struggles Only People Who Work In Hospitality Understand

Because unless you live it, you just don't get it.

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1. Walking into a shitstorm... EVERY. FUCKING. DAY.

Whether there's 75 voicemails to go through, or 75 people at the front desk, you are never guaranteed a peaceful or relaxing moment when you work in hospitality.

2. Not being able to control the weather.

Especially in a resort town. Snide comments from upset tourists whiz left and right as you just try to keep your phony smile plastered on your clearly exhausted and bored face.

3. Early check-in

Check-out is at 11 A.M. in almost every goddamn hotel in the United States. How you expect to show up at 11:02 and get checked in is beyond us, but *queue glazed-over smile* sure, we can take your name and number and give you a call when that's ready

4. Inquiry phone calls

A.K.A there goes ten minutes we'll never get back again.

"I'm sorry we're fully booked... Uh, no I don't know the availability of other hotels in the area... DO I LOOK LIKE TRAVELOCITY TO YOU?!"

5. Dealing with the actual 1%

They're the ones that walk into the lobby, smelling like caviar and champagne, and make it their sole vacationers' goal to make you feel like shit.

They want it NOW, they wanted it five minutes ago, NOW. And after all, your job is SOOOO easy, it literally pains them to speak to you, you lowly cretin.

And they WILL be contacting your manager, tyvm.

6. Dealing with 99%

Granted, you can get some nice folks who restore your faith in humanity. But the majority of the time, guests act like this is their first time in public.

Control your children, don't have rowdy sex in the jacuzzi tub, and for the love of God No shirt, no shoes, no service still applies in the lobby. Have some respect for yourself!

7. Dealing with your coworkers

Somehow it seems like everyone else on the staff is doing nothing, while you are seconds away from ripping your hair out, one by one.

Bitches be calling off, trying to trade shifts, and not showing up. And guess who's on call? YOU ARE.

And all their mistakes? Somehow you are forced to fix them and take full responsibility for their assfuckery.

8. Moochers

The guests that come in, and straight off the bat complain about everything.

"The room is too hot. Now it's too cold. The food was too salty. The bed was too lumpy. The bathroom was dirty. Oh? Down pillows? I prefer polyester stuffing."

They come in looking for a free stay and will vent every minor "problem" they have in order to get a comped-off bottle of wine and a gift certificate.

9. Guests who don't tip

If I just hauled all your luggage up three flights of stairs, and still managed to laugh at your jokes about my "muscles," you should tip me. If I parked your car, called a cab, or held the door for you, you should tip me.

We make minimum wage (if not less than that) and you are blowing hundreds to thousands of dollars on a weekend getaway. You can fucking afford to throw a few bucks our way.

10. "The customer is always right"

Bullshit. BULLSHIT!

We know you think you're better than us simply because we are paid to serve you. But at least recognize that there are things that WE are more knowledgable about than you. Our own cancellation and refund policies, for example. Or the fact that certain restaurants in the area don't take reservations and that there isn't a casino anywhere nearby.

We were actually trained for this job you know, we didn't just wander in off the street.

11. Threats to call the manager

We know you want to publicly shame us in front of our superiors and other guests. We know that nothing would get you off more than putting our job at risk simply because your room didn't get an extra pillow or your towels weren't replaced.

But calling the manager isn't going to really remedy the situation. They'll likely say exactly what we said - apologize profusely and do whatever they can to fix the "problem" - and then whisper about what a dick you are when you leave.

12. The total mental, emotional, and physical labor that is hospitality.

Dealing with adult children all day, running around a huge hotel, all while trying to at least appear happy, relaxed, and willing to serve is a lot of work.

Every day presents new challenges and we are constantly being asked to do more and more for each guest. At the end of the day, going home without bursting into tears is a major accomplishment that all should recognize.

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