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32 Of Our Favorite Things About JoPo

Glossary: Ab: JoPo’s self-proclaimed nickname, stands for awesome body Emotional Fulfiller: JoPo’s other nickname. Don’t ask. Leeza: Liza, obvi Shawty: Also Liza, obvi Palpation: if you don’t know, then it doesn’t apply to you Mrs. Ngo: JoPo once saw Taylor texting Jimmy Ngo. He has since mercilessly mocked her for it. Queen of Refuse: Ashlyn's nickname given to her by Jopo based on the Princess Bride. "Bow to the Queen of Slime, the Queen of Filth, the Queen of Putrescence."

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1. He proved his childhood doctors wrong

2. He summarized what our apartment + JoPo Facebook thread is like

3. He has superb Bitmoji capabilities

4. He shares just enough detail to leave you wanting more

5. He puts up with all the traumatizing ordeals we make him go through

6. He shared his opinions on romance again and again

7. And again

8. And again

9. And again

10. And his way with Doritos too

11. He dazzles us with his language skillz

12. And calculator skillz

13. He has a knack for super accurate election coverage

14. And finding silver linings

15. He sees his flaws

16. He out-nerds us all

17. He reminded us how important he is to us

18. He likes our parents more than us

19. He demonstrated his complete lack of moderation

20. He educated us on the latest hashtag trends

21. He came clean about true masculinity

22. And then reminded us of his very intact masculinity

23. And then tried to mask his true masculinity for our sake

24. He staggered us with his saint-like humility

25. He inspired us with his “love yourself” mentality

26. He encouraged us to be our best for God and country

27. He shared the wisdom he has acquired over his many years

28. He found new hobbies

29. He has a totally accurate self-image

30. He puts up with our sass

31. He taught us the important things

32. And lastly, he loves us in spite of our copious amounts of estrogen.

We love you JoPo! Thank you for your valor.

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