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    Why Oliver And Company Is The Best Underrated Disney Movie You Forgot

    Do you remember Oliver and Company, the cute Disney movie based on Oliver Twist but with animals? Well, wake up and remember it - because it was awesome!

    It started off with an amazing cast!

    It truly was a star-studded cast - and they were pretty much all cats and dogs in the movie!

    Like Billy Joel

    Dom DeLuise

    Cheech Marin

    Joseph Lawrence

    And we can't forget Bette Midler!

    The opening song was sung by Huey Lewis

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    Yes, that's right - the Huey Lewis!

    There were clever cameos by some of your other favorite Disney canines

    Oliver was the cutest kitten in the world!

    The villain was basically a mob boss/gangster type

    With his two doggie demon henchmen from Hell

    There was that epic subway chase!

    Just listen to that backing soundtrack!

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    The rest of the soundtrack was awesome too!

    With music by Bette Midler

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    And Ruth Pointer

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    Of the Pointer Sisters fame, of course!

    Oh, yeah, and Billy Joel with undoubtedly the BEST song on the soundtrack!

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    We learned some really good burns

    The characters definitely had their priorities straight

    And, of course, conflict management

    Tito also taught us about true flirting

    Dodger was a cool dude

    Who still had a heart of gold

    But most of all, he was the original BAMF who gave no fucks