25 Times A “Friends” GIF Perfectly Described Life

Friends was a beloved TV show - but who knew it could be so applicable to life today?

1. When you see the supermodels in the media.

NBC / Via wifflegif.com

2. When you just can’t deal with life.

NBC / Via rebloggy.com

3. When you’re telling your best friend about the cute guy a few seats over.

NBC / Via rebloggy.com

4. When you get a hangnail.

5. When you’re making fun of that girl you and your friends hate

NBC / Via wifflegif.com

6. When you sum up your dating life.

NBC / Via wifflegif.com

7. When you see a puppy (or baby, or anything cute).

NBC / Via peerfit.com

8. When you catch on to your friend’s joke.

9. When you’re at pretty much any social event.

10. When you try to get his attention.

NBC / Via peerfit.com

11. When someone has THE softest hair.

12. When you just can’t handle your job.

NBC / Via tagroom.com

13. When you and your best friend dance at the club.

NBC / Via tagroom.com

14. When you accidentally walk in on your roommate and their significant other.

NBC / Via imgur.com

15. When you and your friends watch your favorite TV show.

NBC / Via wishpicker.com

16. When you’re REALLY hungry.

17. When you’re too tired to function

NBC / Via gifsec.com

18. When you’ve got the house to yourself.

NBC / Via fanforum.com

19. When you try to get someone’s attention.

20. When you see someone do the opposite of what you told them.

NBC / Via gifrific.com

21. When you’re having a bad hair day.

NBC / Via doozyfab.com

22. When you have to fix your bra.

23. When you hear more than you want to from your roommate’s room.

NBC / Via emotiongifs.com

24. When you’re so angry you can’t even.

NBC / Via emotiongifs.com

25. When Friends is on!

NBC / Via mashable.com

And that’s why we will always love Friends

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