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    23 Times Disney Princesses Were Actually Feminists

    These princesses are so much more than we remember from our childhood - maybe that's why we're having such a resurgence of feminism these days?

    1. Snow White danced alone, even though men surrounded her

    2. Aurora had standards and wasn't afraid to stick to them

    3. When Cinderella was told she could only go to the ball if she got her work done, she worked to make it happen

    4. Princess Eilonwy empowered others

    5. Maid Marian knew the importance of her girl friends - her life didn't revolve around a man!

    6. Maid Marian also wasn't afraid to stick up for those she loved

    7. Ariel stuck up for not just her man, but for her father too

    8. Belle didn't let Gaston take advantage of her

    9. Pocahontas spoke her mind

    10. Jasmine didn't consider marriage her duty - but an option

    11. Jasmine was not afraid to use her status to help others

    12. Jasmine stuck to her guns and chose who she loved

    13. Mulan wasn't afraid to have flaws

    14. Mulan didn't fit into the conventional ideal of a housewife

    15. Mulan stayed true to herself, no matter what

    16. Giselle wasn't afraid to embrace her emotions

    17. Tiana wielded tools with the best of them

    18. Rapunzel stood up for herself from an abusive caretaker

    19. Merida expressed frustrations - because she knew she couldn't always be composed

    20. Merida was also strong and mastered a stereotypically masculine skill

    21. Anna was all right with being insecure

    22. Anna also chose to be kissed - both times

    23. Elsa embraced her power

    Yes, some of these had to do with love and men, but remember...