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    Creative Cursing

    You ever feel the desire to curse but you're in company that would highly frown upon it? No problem! Just means you're going to have to be a little more creative so that only you (and maybe a few select others) know what you really mean. I'll provide a few examples that I have personally come up with and my 'logic' behind it. So come up with your own forms of creative cursing and unleash!!

    1. "Ned Pepper"

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    I’m an only child, and when I was growing up, I’d watch those old western shows and movies with my dad. Our favorite was “True Grit”. No, not that remake abomination that happened in recent years, I’m talking about the original. The John Wayne classic. Those of you who have seen or at least heard of this movie, you guys are the future. So, how does this have anything to do with my creative way of cursing, you may ask? Simple. There’s one scene in particular where John Wayne is riding into battle, one gun in each hand, and he looks towards the charging group (speaking to Ned Pepper) and says “Fill your hands you sonuvabitch!” You may now see where I’m heading with this one. So now, whenever I want to say “you son of a bitch”, I just say “Ned Pepper” instead. It’s brilliant really. I say Ned Pepper, and anyone who hears me say it (again, besides those who know what I’m really trying to say), are just looking around like “Who is this Ned Pepper character she keeps calling?”

    2. "Meat Gobbler"


    This one is for the w word - which I refuse to say anyway just because I don't like that word. Its a little more obvious than the last, so I still exercise caution when using it. I came up with this one one Thanksgiving. I was with some friends of mine, and one of them was stuffing turkey in his mouth, and another friend jokingly said that he was a meat gobbler. I liked the way it sounded and it kind of fit that word, so I started using it for that.

    3. "Batarang"

    Okay, so anyone who is awesome knows where this reference is from, but I sometimes use it to substitute the word "dick". As a huge nerd, I particularly love using it on some of my guy nerd friends because it just royally ticks them off. But I mean look at it and tell me that my use of it doesn't make you giggle.

    4. "No Face"

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    I love this one because I can use it in so many different ways. I most commonly use this one to substitute "bitch". Anyone who has seen "Spirited Away" will know where I got this one from.

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