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Two Canadians Invented A “Brokini” And I Can’t Look Away

A bikini for bros.

Calling all self-identifying bros.

We've got you covered for your next beach day.

Introducing... Brokinis!

A one-shoulder bathing suit that's guaranteed to turn heads.

The company was started by two guys from Toronto, Ontario who like dogs, strawberry daiquiris and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Honestly, it kind of reminds me of:

The Brokini promises to "show off your package in style."

And "disappoint your parents."

It's the perfect outfit for sports.

Whale watching.


And enjoying a nice light chardonnay.

You can even accessorize it with a mask!

Just like any new business, Brokini hasn't quite made any profit yet.

But if you want to support them, Brokinis are currently retailing for $40.

And if you need help with sizing...

These Brokini bros made a video to help you with just that.

So go forth and bro out.