10 Baby Products That New Parents (Like Me!) Are Totally In Love With

    We'll take one of each!

    Hello, all! I’m Liza, and I’m a new mom to a sweet lil’ bébé. Here are a couple of my favourite products from this month that I've been loving during my parenting journey.

    A mother and her baby wading in a lake

    1. A Hold All Tote by Forward With Design that'll help you stay fashionable, while still keeping all your baby items in one place.

    A woman holds a large light aqua tote bag

    2. A customized 14K gold Tiny Tag necklace so you can properly celebrate your own tiny one's arrival.

    Two gold necklaces on a women's neck. One says "mama" and the other says "madison"

    3. A compact Contours Bitsy Elite Lightweight stroller that'll help you (and your tot) travel with ease and style.

    A mother pushes her child in a stroller

    4. An adjustable Tripp Trapp high chair that'll help make meal time a breeze.

    A cute baby sitting in a yellow Stokke high chair.

    5. A Pack-it-Up Pouch by Momkindness that'll help you keep all your baby essentials handy and organized.

    A maroon pack it up pouch full of baby essentials.

    6. A Nanit Pro baby camera that'll track your baby's sleep patterns, and even keep an eye on their breathing while they're snoozing.

    A baby looking at their mom, with a baby camera in the background

    7. A super cute sleeveless sleep sack from Nest Designs that'll help keep your baby comfortable during sleep time.

    A baby sitting in a bed wearing a lemon print sleep sack

    8. A squishy Sophie the Giraffe that'll help relieve your baby's teething aches.

    A baby with a Sophie the Giraffe teether

    9. A Baby Me! Organic Skin Care Bundle so you can nourish your baby's skin during bath time.

    A baby bath bundle

    10. And finally, a monthly book subscription from BlueFish Learning so you can start your baby's library and ignite their imagination.

    A boy sitting on a bean bag reading a Dr. Seuss Book

    New parents discovering these products:

    What other baby products are you currently obsessed with? Let us know in the comments below.