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29 Extravagant Ice Cream Desserts That Will Fill That Ice Cream-Shaped Hole In Your Heart

We have the inside scoop.

Summer may be coming to an end, but ice cream is here to stay all year long — so we rounded up our favourite treats from Toronto’s best ice cream spots. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

1. This apple fritter crisp cone from Sweet Jesus that will have you saying "Sweet Jesus!"

2. This watermelon ice cream sandwich from Milk Cow Cafe that's equal parts indulgent and refreshing.

3. This s'mores sundae at The Fix Ice Cream Bar that's pretty much a camping trip in a cup.

4. This fried chicken ice cream sandwich from Tokyo Hot Fried Chicken that'll give you a taste of dinner and dessert in every bite.

5. This gelato ice cream sandwich from Vanta Coffee Club that'll make you feel like a kid again.

6. These cones covered in tiny macarons from Nadège Patisserie that'll make you feel like you just took a plane to Paris.

7. This charcoal soft serve from iHALO KRUNCH for those who prefer a more minimalist ice cream.

8. This shortcake-themed treat in a chimney-style cone that'll give you the double whammy of pastry and ice cream at the same time from Eva's Original Chimneys.

9. This churro situation from Pancho's Bakery that's pretty much the perfect combo of hot and cold.

10. This fancy-schmancy soft served all dressed up with little white chocolate pearls from Roselle Desserts.

11. This bubble waffle from Golden Bubbles, if you want to upgrade from your regular bubble tea order.

12. This rolled ice cream sundae from Rollz Ice Creams that'll have you rethinking the way you scoop your frosty treats.

13. This dipped scoop from La Diperie that'll conquer all your cravings at once.

14. This sky-high soft serve from Tom's Dairy Freeze that's more colourful than traditional swirled ice cream.

15. This classic banana split from The Big Chill that you'll probably need the help of your partner in crime to devour.

16. This mochi donut with ube ice cream from Tala Toronto that looks just as good as it tastes.

17. This mustachio'd creation from The Fix Ice Cream Bar that looks fancy as heck, but doesn't require black tie attire to enjoy.

18. This banana Nutella treat, stuffed into a candied banana cone that tastes like your fave late night snack from Brett's Ice Cream.

19. This sweet pocket confection from Booyah Inc that's warm on the outside, frosty on the inside, and delicious 'til the last bite.

20. These elegant macaron ice cream sandwiches from Dainties Macarons that are the chicest way to consume summer's best treat.

21. This decadent Nutella-covered and fruit-topped Belgian waffle from Summer's Ice Cream that's pretty much the most delicious way to start your day.

22. This candy floss confection from Dutch Dreams that'll taste like a trip to the summer carnival.

23. An over-the-top ice cream taco from Booyah Inc that'll satisfy even the most extreme sweet tooth.

24. This stack of churros from El Habanero Churrobar that's pretty much edible Jenga.

25. This "monster" ice cream from Roji Monster Canada that's almost too cute to eat.

26. This brownie waffle ice cream sandwich from The Heartbreak Chef that's equal parts delicious and indulgent.

27. This creation of The Rum And Raisin Rum On The Rocks from Sweet N' Nice Ice Cream that's the perfect boozy treat.

28. This Japanese dessert from Taiyaki that's as adorable as it is delicious.

29. And finally, this chocochip freakshake from The Poop Cafe that will leave you feeling freaky (in a good way).

BRB while we chow our way through all these frosty treats.

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