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14 Feel-Good Stories In Canada During Coronavirus

Canadians are pretty great.

We know it's been a tough week on everyone, but here are some local stories that'll make you feel good and put a smile on your face!

1. Canadians are applauding health care workers every evening.

Tonight’s #WestEnd #Covid7pmcheer in support of our brave health care workers.

@vanparkGM / Via

Communities and cities all over Canada are showing their appreciation for health care workers by cheering and making noise every evening around 7 pm, like this video above in Vancouver. Get loud, Canada — we love to hear it!

2. Teachers and daycares are spreading joy.

Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook

School is currently not in session but teachers are still finding a way to make their students smile from a distance. This daycare in Meaford, Ontario planned a parade that made the little ones cheer.

3. Orchestras are putting on incredible virtual performances.

View this video on YouTube

No matter the distance, music is still being made! The Toronto Symphony Orchestra came together virtually to play an incredible concert. Even though shows and events are being cancelled, organizations are finding ways to bring music to the people. Bravo.

4. Artists are putting provincial health heroes on t-shirts.

5. Farmers are getting creative at distributing their products. thru is open 24/7...frozen product only...e transfer or $ stuffed in a roll of TP...bacon still in stock but going quick...honk for service...MUST pre order...

pleasantpork / Via Twitter

What's the best way to give customers meat products while still keeping social distance? Throw it! That's exactly what this farmer from PEI did. Prince Edward Island pig and dairy farmer, Ranald MacFarlane, is literally throwing meat products at his customers to maintain social distancing. I guess pigs can really fly in PEI...

6. While seniors are dancing up a storm!

7. Citizens are sewing masks.

8. And people are already taking on the challenge.

9. Nova Scotia's Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Robert Strang, is getting some much needed gratitude from his community.

So everyone in my neighborhood has been making signs/chalk drawings thanking my dad because they know he goes for daily walks. This was so touching and heartwarming to see on our evening walk tonight ♥️

Alexandra Strang / Via twitter

10. While some of our furry friends are practicing physical distancing the best they know how: by attacking bubbles.

Social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic has all of us in our own little bubble. When Kristine Gorman's golden doodle Cub sees bubbles she has to burst them! What keeps you sane during this pandemic?

11. Some Canadians are doing their best to reach out to those most vulnerable to give them a helping hand.

12. While others are making sure that everyone is able to get a warm meal.

This roadside stop in Nova Scotia has been staying open to offer truck drivers a hot meal and a thank you. #TheMoment

13. And then there's these guys who are all together... except kilometers apart.

Facebook: video.php

From coast-to-coast.

14. And finally, Casey and Finnegan came out of retirement to make sure you know you need to #StayHome!

Facebook: video.php

Have a feel good story? Drop a comment so we can feature it next week!