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    12 Canadian Stories That Will Brighten Your Day

    Canadians are really the kindest.

    Canadians have each other's backs. So each week we're sharing stories of Canadians being Canadians. Go Canada!

    1. Restaurant drive-throughs are taping debit machines to hockey sticks at check-out to provide that extra Canadian level of protection.

    We're helping fellow Canucks the Canadian way! In support of @foodbankscanada and in partnership with @bauerhockey our payment machines in all drive-thrus will now be attached to a Bauer Hockey stick as an added safety precaution. Does it get any more 🇨🇦 than this?

    Harvey's Canada / Via Twitter

    2. In true Canadian fashion, an equipment manager from Peterborough is using hockey skate laces for face masks.

    With no hockey to be played, our equipment manager @chooseoptionb is using his skills to make maroon and white masks - complete with skate laces - for the frontline workers at @PRHC1!

    Peterborough Petes / Via Twitter

    3. Shania Twain and other Canadian musicians are coming together for a special music event called #CanadaTogether.

    4. While siblings from Airdrie, Alberta are spreading smiles throughout their neighbourhood by dressing up as dinosaurs.

    Facebook: video.php / Via CBC

    5. Jingle dress dancing is being performed on social media to heal and offer prayer.

    CBC / Via Facebook

    6. These men in kilts are now a delivery service on Vancouver Island.

    Now we've seen many individuals and companies step up to help the elderly and more vulnerable by delivering groceries, but these men in kilts take it to a new high-fashion level.

    7. And a Newfoundland couple built an "ice-olation" snow cave. A+ for the pun!

    A couple in St. John's, Newfoundland have built an 'Ice-olation' snow cave at the end of their driveway to promote #socialdistancing. Only one person allowed in at a time! 📸: Jason Letto #NLwx #ShareYourWeather

    Weather Network / Via Twitter

    8. Canadians are leading the charge by creating some of the worlds first COVID-19 rapid-testing kits.

    9. The cast of Schitt's Creek is giving back to the community by raising over $205,000 for food banks in Canada and America.

    #SchittsCreekGivesBack ended up raising $205,639.00(!) for @foodbankscanada and @FeedingAmerica! What an amazing reminder that these hard times have brought out a beautiful sense of generosity and community in people. Thank you to all who donated. Especially you, @IAmJericho. x

    Dan Levy / Via Twitter

    10. Torontonians are getting creative with social distancing by playing Hangman with their condo neighbours.


    Started playing Hangman with my neighbours, can you guess the word?? ##keepingbusy ##foryou ##fy ##fyp ##foryoupage ##xyzbca

    ♬ Buttercup - Jack Stauber
    alexasteele / Via Tiktok

    11. While others are taking part in the #CNTower challenge by using items from around the house to build mini replicas of the CN tower.

    12. And finally, a 13-year-old from Okotoks, Alberta is using his 3D printer he got for Christmas to print PPE for healthcare workers.

    Have a feel good story? Drop a comment so we can feature it next week!