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    Summer Newsletter!

    Reading this article will give u fantastic ideas to slay your summer. Summer Challenges! BTS quiz? Fashion inspo! Celeb news. And more!!


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    BTS just broke their own record for the most Youtube views in the first 24hours of release, with their new single Butter. Seriously though, is anyone even surprised at this point?The K-Pop smashed Dynamite but Butter has hit 116 million views in 24 hours!

    Which BTS hit are YOU?

    Answer these this-or-that questions to find out!

    A.Dounut or B.Pancakes.

    A.Sunrise or B.Sunset

    .A.Butterfly or B.BumbleBees

    A.Printed Shirts or B.Tye Dye Shirts

    A.LOL or B.HAHA

    .Mostly A.... Just like this banger, you're all about the fun and LOL times! Mostly B... If you could be summed up in one word it would be COOL just like butter!

    Summer Challeges!

    Nail Inspo
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    Slay the holidays with these cool things to try! Try cute nail art! 1.Paint your nails a neutral color. Once dry, use a thin art brush to paint a purple arch at the top of your nails.2. Do the same with the other colors (blue, green, yellow, orange, red) to create rainbow stripes. And ta-daa! You may go over your nails with clear polish if necessary. Host a movie night! Line up your fav movies,grab some snacks and invite your squad to an EPIC movie marathon. Discover a new hobby! Whether its picking up a paintbrush or learning a dance routine, maybe following a recipe. There's always time for something new.Go camping. Cos who doesn't love stargazing and eating toasted marshmallows.Yum! Make a playlist. Find your fav summer tunes and turn it into one!


    Dessert Inspo
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    Where are all my foodies at!? I have a summer drink for you all! I call it the sunny fruit punch. It serves 1 and it takes 10 mins to prepare. You need 1 banana (cut into chunks), 1/2 cut up mangos, 1 passion fruit (the outside isn't included) and 300ml tropical juice. Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. BOOM! You have yourself a sunny fruit punch.Look at this cute Angel delight dessert kit I found! It's basically moouse in a cup! You deffo need to add this on your bucket list (bucket list inspo coming up).

    Bucket list Inspo

    If you don't have a bucket list make one rnnnn! This is an obvious one but go to the beach! I heard there was a heatwave coming up in August that's probably the best time to go. Also try to fit in a theme park. They are the best! Have a sleepover with your bestie! Having a water ballon fight would be AWESOMEEE! I think all of us need a break,maybe go on vacation! Evreyone loves water,Try swimming! HAVE AN ALL NIGHTER! You can make the rest up yourself. It is YOUR bucketlist.


    Summer style inspo
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    I know that leopard is trending so here are some leopard clothes. Purple Leopard swimsuit from next £12, Rainbow print leopard shorts from Matalan £4.I found a super cute bikini from river island for £18. It's light green and totally suitable for the beach. There are also purple heart sunglasses from shien it's £2.99. These purple sliders from Zara are so cute with a smiley face on them. They are £15.99. OMG this plastic green tote bag from h&m are so stylish it says new york on it (£10) AWW this orange bucket hat with a little cute dinosaur on it is so cheap and trendy its from shine for £3.50.This pura vida Chali Damelio bracelet pack is the best! It comes with 5 bracelets and its for £34 on the pura vida website.This Minnie mouse denim shorts are deffo on track they are from next for£20. This red swimsuit is adorable its £29.99 from! This is all the inspo for today but comment below if you want me to do more outfit inspo!

    Glow up!

    We all need a glow-up ASAP. Let me help you. Drink 2L of water evreyday.Put on a face mask every week. Exercise daily. Have a sensible diet. Get your beauty sleep. Improve your body posture.Read daily. Meditate every 2 days.Switch your style.And that's how to be summertastic!Pss.. No heavy makeup (keep it natural!)

    Zodiac signs

    To end this we will stop with zodiac signs! Cancer (21 of June-22 of July) Whoa girl, your popularity is soaring through the window rn! But be careful, Don't let it go in your head, and remember who was there from the start. Virgo (23 August-22 September) Th stars are saying later this month you will get something very unexpected, but very very cool! Scorpio ( 23 October-21 November) Stop wasting your time comparing yourself to others 24/7. There is only one of you and it's unique like a unicorn! Capricorn (22 December- 19 January)Trying to change opinions is a waste of time. You can't please everyone so just carry on doing your thing. Picies (19 February- 20 march) kindness makes the world go round, so spread the message like Nutella and greet everyone with a smile. Taurus (20 April-20 may) Never be afraid to speak up, talking to someone will make you feel ten times lighter but be careful who you talk to. Leo (23 July- 22 august) guilty of overthinking? lead with your heart and go with what makes you happy the rest will fall in place. Libra (23 September-22 October) Time to step out of your comfort zone missy! Grab every opportunity with both hands and go wild. Sagittarius (22 November-21 December) You're such an amazing friend and always look out for your squad. But make sure to look out for yourself too. Aries (21 march -19 April) Bored? A new hobby is what you need! So nows the time to try that thing you always wanted to do! Gemini (21 May - 20 June) Your teacher or classmate will soon recommend a brill book that's deffo for you! This is all for the summer newsletter! Have fun and I hope you are well.From Lilly (Liyana)

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