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What Do The Contents Of Your Purse Say About You?

What hidden secrets do you have?

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You are a well prepared and fertile woman. You are young and vibrant. Your millionaire husband who is 30 years your senior, on the other hand, is old and decrepit. He can hardly be taken away from his shows to take you to The Cheesecake Factory.

Multiple Fake IDs

Looks like your purse is telling you that you've run into some problems. Perhaps people have been asking you a lot of questions about your late husband's murder. Maybe you shouldn't have bought that new car... Luckily you have a plan.

Plane Tickets To Europe

You've always been one to travel. According to the contents of your purse this is going to be your biggest adventure yet! What will your new life bring you? Hiding out on the beaches of Majorca? Winemaking in France? Beet farming in Russia? Bon voyage!

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