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Do You Remember The Lyrics To "Ocean Avenue" By Yellowcard?

♫There's a place off Ocean Avenue♫

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  1. Capitol
  2. Capitol
    15; right; sippin
    16; good; sippin
    15; good; sleeping
    16; right; sleeping
  3. Capitol
    Cherry; on the sand
    Berry; on the beach;
    Cherry; on the beach;
    Berry; on the sand;
  4. Capitol
    16; right
    18; fine
    19; fine
    18; right
  5. Capitol
    town; forever
    place; forever
    town; together
    place; together
  6. Capitol
  7. Capitol
    I've been
    I go
    I think
    I look
  8. Capitol
    think; tonight
    pretend; tonight
    make believe; by my side
    make believe; tonight
  9. Capitol
    see; somewhere
    find; someway
    find; somewhere
    see; someway
  10. Capitol
    in your eyes; goodnight
    in your eyes; goodbye
    on your face; goodnight
    on your face; goodbye
  11. Capitol
    night; the sun will not rise
    dark; the sun will not rise
    light; this isn't goodbye
    night; this isn't goodbye
  12. Capitol
    night; someway
    day; somewhere
    day; someway
    night; somewhere

Do You Remember The Lyrics To "Ocean Avenue" By Yellowcard?

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